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Is he really the one I want to marry?

 Is he really the love of my life? (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

I think my boyfriend might be the love of my life. But I’m still full of doubts! He’s a genuinely good guy and there’s nothing wrong, but I can’t relax. How do I get to feel truly sure about him?


Chris says,

Hi Doubts!

Everyone has doubts! But there are three things you should watch for that will help you relax.

The first is how much you really like him; whether you enjoy just being in each other’s company when you’re just ‘hanging out’ together.

If you feel really relaxed and comfortable around one another, then the chances are that your personality types are highly compatible and your relationship will last a long time.

The next indicator is even more basic! Our bodies make a lot of deeply subconscious decisions about anyone who might be a potential mate. They even exchange chemical signals that say whether our genes and immune systems are compatible.

If the answer is a ‘Yes’ then you’ll really like the way your boyfriend’s skin feels, tastes and smells. Don’t laugh! It’s all too easy to concentrate on someone’s appearance. But if you’re also intoxicated by your boyfriend’s smell, then there’s a good chance your relationship will go very well.

Touching someone is always special, but if you just can’t resist him, especially the taste of his skin or his lips, then your body’s telling you that you’re really good for one another.

The last thing is the emotional communication between you. That’s not the same as talking a lot. It’s whether you’re both really able to understand one another. So, watch for whether your boyfriend seems to have an insight into how you’re seeing things. And whether you’re able to understand his feelings. That sort of communication is the real key to love.

But no matter how important attraction and communication might be, don’t overlook the joy of sleeping next to someone whose smell you adore. Whose lips are irresistible. And whose skin you can’t stop touching. Because when it comes to love, those are the things that will really make you happy together.

All the best,


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