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He makes me go weak in the knees

 He makes me go weak in the knees (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

There is this man at work who makes me go weak at the knees. And I am certain he is not just a smooth talker, he is for real. Or am I being taken for a ride?


Chris says,

Hi Awestruck!

There are not many men like that, and they are deeply impressive. A man with principles, who keeps his promises, no matter what. Who would never take advantage of a drunk girl? Who empathises with others, and behaves accordingly. So because he would be annoyed by a girlfriend who flirted with another man, he does not look at other women.

He is fierce professionally, but somehow always courteous. And genuinely warm towards those he loves. He is charming and yet there is an air of authority about him that says he won’t tolerate disrespect.

He is decisive and does not pussyfoot around. He has figured out how life works and so people seek his advice. He is in control of his own life, accepts his faults and never makes the same mistake twice. Hard working, but always putting his loved ones first.

His walk signals grace, power and confidence. He sits still and relaxed, rarely laughs, never fidgets and never waves his arms around. You will have felt his intense eye contact. If he is pleased with you you will only see the smallest of smiles. If he is displeased with you, you will feel an urgent need to put things right.

He is often silent, never makes idle chatter, and his sentences are short and intimidating. His voice is low, slow and firm. He always controls the conversation, though he’s also a good listener. He keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself, only sharing them with the people closest to him.

His body language places him in the lead, so you find yourself acknowledging his power. He never loses his focus or his cool, but he is also willing to draw attention to himself and to make a scene if he needs to.

It is that genuine blend of hard and soft that draws you to him. His integrity, purpose and power. And he’s definitely for real, and the envy of other men!

All the best,


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