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Habits that are harming your sex life

 Habits harming your sex life (Photo: iStock)

In any relationship, physical touch is a necessity as it helps the relationship grow stronger and last longer.

Many people have a tendency to neglect their sex lives, which results in relationships failing or not surviving as long as they could have.

Here are some habits that may affect one's sex life:

Substance abuse

One can take wine or alcohol so as to relax and interact with friends but when taken excessively can affect one negatively not only health-wise but also sex-wise as there will be reduced desire and arousal. One's libido can also reduce and sexual satisfaction will be hard to achieve.

Unhealthy eating

Flooding your body with foods rich in fats, refined carbs and sugars can cause slow blood flow and how one performs during sex. When one does not maintain their body then practicing sex with their partners will be a hard task as they will feel tired often.

One should eat healthy by cutting down on lots of fats, and carbs and not forgetting the consumption of vegetables and fruits in order to promote hormone production and overall well-being.

A healthy eating plan will give you more energy for sex.

Poor or no communication

When one does not communicate to their partners about their desires, expectations and wants then there could be a decrease in sexual satisfaction and arousal.

Partners need to communicate and not just for the sake of it but in depth so as to properly understand each other's likes and dislikes, which will in the long run lead to satisfactory sex life for both of them.

Poor sleeping habits

Inadequate sleep disrupts how we carry out our day-to-day activities, energy levels, eating habits and hormonal production which impairs one's sexual desire and performance.

One should get enough sleep on a daily basis so as to enable the body to function properly and produce all the required hormones.

Lack of self-care

Not loving and appreciating your body can negatively affect you in different ways, one's self-esteem and self-image will reduce and in return make them not care about anything including their sex life.

One should love themselves no matter what people say, this will help boost their confidence in themselves and eventually will pay attention to other things such as their sex life.

Pornographic content

Partners may engage in watching pornographic content so as to boost their sexual arousal and desire but when consumed in excess can lead to unrealistic expectations from your partner and difficulties in real sexual encounters.

No experimenting and exploration

Failing to explore and experiment with different activities, pleasures and desires can lead to boredom in the bedroom and reduced sexual desire.

Partners should always aim at trying new things such as the use of toys, and changing from a normal place to another place so as to bring about excitement and satisfaction.

Busy schedules

When one gets overwhelmed with activities to do they may not prioritize sex, yet intimacy should be a priority in a relationship. Making time for your partner and your sexual activity may sound hectic but should be put into consideration and one should stick to what was planned.

Lack of foreplay

Skipping or neglecting foreplay can reduce arousal and makes sex feel rushed and not satisfying. Taking time to engage in foreplay can enhance pleasure and increase intimacy thus strengthening the relationship and activating one's sex life.

Building up to sex can make it better and longer as partners include more types of stimulation beforehand.


Constant stress wears you out and significantly affects your libido and sexual activity. It can be challenging to focus on sexual activity if your mind is always preoccupied with other things. One should know what is affecting them and how to effectively deal with it so as to prevent being overwhelmed.

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