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How to file tax returns using a P9 form

 A KRA employee assists a client in filing returns. [File,Standard]

It is once again that time of the year when we are expected to file our tax returns. The deadline is fast approaching and below we have highlighted important steps to follow when filing returns.

•    Get your P9 form from your employer [A document that contains a summary of tax deductions made by your employer during that tax period. In this case 2023].•    Open your browser and go to itax.kra.go.ke•    Enter your KRA PIN/User ID and password•    Answer the security question that follows then log in•    Update your professional details appropriately and proceed•    Go to Returns Menu and select ‘FILE RETURNS’ ITR For Employment Income Only•    Select the tax obligation (Income Tax-Resident Individual) and click NEXT•    Click to download the Income Tax Return form using the provided link•    Enter your PIN, Type of return, return period FROM and return period to (01/01/2023 – 31/12/2023) and select yes under the insurance question•    Go to sheet F and enter EMPLOYER PIN, NAME OF EMPLOYER, GROSS PAY, ALLOWANCES and BENEFITS from employment as per the P9 form•    Go to sheet I and populate NHIF Details of the amounts paid in the year (2023)•    Go to sheet M and select pin of the employer from the dropdown menu, enter name of the employer, taxable salary, tax payable on taxable salary (chargeable pay) and amount of tax deducted as per the P9 form•    Go to sheet T ‘Tax Computation’ and the figure as is on your P9 form. Enter your personal relief (where applicable) and confirm you are not owed any amounts•    Once you have confirmed the details you have entered match what is on the P9 form, validate and generate the upload file•    The file will be saved automatically•    Enter the return period if filing for the first time•    Upload the form by choosing the zip file, agree to the terms and submit•    Download the receipt that will be generated

How to file nil returns

•    Open your browser and go to itax.kra.go.ke•    Enter your KRA PIN/User ID and password•    Answer the security question that follows then log in•    Go to the returns menu and select File Nil Returns•    Select your type of taxation and tax obligation then enter your KRA PIN•    This will prompt you to enter your details plus the return period•    Complete them accurately and submit•    This will be followed by an acknowledgement receipt

Additional information from KRA

If you make a mistake while filing, you can file an amended return. If you were employed in 2023 then lost your job, you are still required to file a return for that year. If you had multiple employers in 2023, you are still required to file a return to show all income received from your employers. If you had no income in 2023, you are required to file a NIL return. If you are employed and have other sources of income from your side hustles, you are still required to declare them in addition to the income you get from your job. If you are a beneficiary of an estate, you are required to file your returns If you are a partner in a partnership firm, you are required to file your returns. If you earned any foreign income in 2023, you are also required to declare that income in your return.

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