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Ladies in 2024, let's ditch 'mchele' and pray to get rich men

 Who told us our only chance of getting out of poverty is in the hands of men? [Courtesy, Freepik]

In their desire to get monied men, Kenyan women are turning to black magic. They have renamed witchcraft to something they call “kuoshewa nyota”. And the more I read this discourse on social media, the more it reminds me of something I learnt at a workshop organised for older women a while back.

I know that sounds strange because we like to say we are not our mothers. We believe we are better than them and that isn’t exactly accurate. These women know what’s up. They may not be conversant with feminist theory like we are but they are not doormats. They understand the nature of men in ways we seem to completely ignore at present. We should try to tap into their wisdom when we visit them.

A woman at the workshop told us of how she prayed for a husband with money when she was younger. She married one but he did not turn out to be a good provider. He was just rich. She went on to say that she spent more time in their marriage praying for him to be generous with her until she realised she could ask God to put this money in her pocket.

It was not just her husband who could provide. She was just as capable and yet she had ignored her power because she had focused all her energies towards getting a man to provide for her. Her story was very profound for me. And it is more profound now when more women are resulting in taking dangerous measures in their quest to get rich men.

Who told us our only chance of getting out of poverty is in the hands of men? Who told us that we cannot be self-sufficient in our own right? And although I understand systematic oppression and the ways in which the world is designed to make women poor, I do not understand why you can use black magic for something as lousy as getting a rich man when using it to get your own resources is an option too.

That sounds like when God killed his son to save us from sin when he could have just killed Satan and gotten rid of the root cause of sin.

Most of the time women manifest the hypothetical rich man who will give them the babygirl life but the truth is with the way the Kenyan economy is set up, you are most likely going to end up with a man you share bills with.

More so, men are not stupid. They hold most of the power in the world. They are the drivers of capitalism. They created, and they have managed to maintain gender hierarchies with them being on top for centuries. They did not do this by dishing money out to women freely. They are smarter than that and we tend to underestimate them.

I want you all to leave the idea that wealthy men exist in this world to get women out of poverty in 2023. Even as a side chick or a wife you will get what he wants to give you when he wants to give it to you. Even as a wife you might need to inflate the prices of groceries to get some extra cash and that isn’t something worth getting black magic for.

We also need to drop the idea that wealthy men are seated in certain restaurants, waiting for beautiful women to show up. It is true that proximity to power is important when you are trying to penetrate certain circles but these men have their social circles too and I am sure these circles are not devoid of beautiful women they can date and marry. They probably know that women frequent these restaurants to get their attention. That idea is an open secret so it isn’t the smart move we think it is.

All this is not to say that you should be with men who give you nothing. Men are known to love through providing so they should. All I am saying is be still. Work for your own money. If a wealthy man finds you well and good. If he doesn’t find you it is also not the end of the world. Being too invested in the performance of getting them is being a pick me for wealthy men and being a pick me will always land you in trouble.

You should also not be focused fully on praying for a wealthy man to the point where you forget about yourself completely. As you manifest and use witchcraft to get a wealthy man, try to manifest good things for yourself too. Money is not reserved for one gender only. You could also make yours. You could also be the girl who earns enough money to take herself to Dubai. You could be anything you want if you pray for yourself the way you pray for a rich man to notice you.


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