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SCHOOLS: National netball champs Oyugi Ogango headline Migori County school games

 Netball action between Oyugi Ogango girls and Bukokholo girls high schoo during national secondary schools term two finals  held at Kakamega high school on August 12, 2023. [Benjamin Sakwa,Standard]

National netball champions Oyugi Ogango from Rongo will begin their county title defense as the Migori County Secondary School Term Two games kick off at Kubweye Secondary School from Mabera Sub County this Thursday.

Last year, Oyugi Ogango shocked many by clinching the county, regional, and national netball titles for the first time in their history. This year, they face a challenging Group B lineup against Sota SDA and Bondo Kosiemo.

In netball, Group A will feature a competitive mix with Owiro Akoko, Moi Suba, and Getonganya vying for supremacy. Group C sees Komotobo, Nyango, and Kamai battling it out, while Group D includes Nyamotambe, Luoro, and Wang'irabose.

In basketball, particularly the 3x3 format, former heavyweights Rapogi Boys are poised for a comeback as they compete in Group A against Migori Boys and Isebania. Group C will witness a thrilling face-off between Uriri, Kanga, and Taranganya.

The soccer matches promise to deliver intense competition. In the boys' category, Group A features Kionyo, Sori, and Korwa. Group B sees Taranganya and Iraha going head-to-head. Group C includes Koderobara, Osiri, and Bishop Anyolo, while Group D has Nyakuru, Mubachi, and Senye.

For the girls, Group A comprises MEC, Kionyo, and Masara. Group B, with the formidable Oyugi Ogango, includes Raywer and Getonganya. Group C will feature St. Gemma, Kehancha, and Ondome, while Group D has Wiser, BL Tezza, and Tarage.

Volleyball enthusiasts will have their fill of excitement with the boys’ and girls’ teams taking to the court. In the boys’ category, Group A includes Sori, Kanyawanga, and Pe Hill. Group B sees Akala, Nyabikongori, and Nyasoko in action. Group C features Sagegi, St. Joseph Ntimaru, and Winjo, while Group D comprises Iraha, Gokeharaka, and Luoro.

The girls’ volleyball teams will compete in Group A with Sagegi, Nyandema, and Ulanda. Group B includes Kehancha, BL Tezza, and Kwiho. Group C will see Manyonge, Wiser, and Kameji clashing, and Group D features St. Mary's Mabera, Moi Suba, and Gukitimo.

Rugby matches will be held at Kugisingisi Secondary School. Group A features Ageng'a, Sori, and Winjo. Group B has Gokeharaka, Kameji, and Rapogi. Group C includes Isebania, Uriri, and Koderobara, while Group D will see Pe Hill, Kubweye, and Anjego competing.

Migori County pools

SOCCER BOYSGroup A - Kionyo, Sori, KorwaGroup B - Taranganya, IrahaGroup C - Koderobara, Osiri, Bishop AnyoloGroup D - Nyakuru, Mubachi, Senye

SOCCER GIRLSGroup A - MEC, Kionyo, MasaraGroup B - Oyugi Ogango, Raywer, GetonganyaGroup C - St. Gemma, Kehancha, OndomeGroup D - Wiser, BL Tezza, Tarage

VOLLEYBALL BOYSGroup A - Sori, Kanyawanga, Pe HillGroup B - Akala, Nyabikongori, NyasokoGroup C - Sagegi, St. Joseph Ntimaru, WinjoGroup D - Iraha, Gokeharaka, Luoro

VOLLEYBALL GIRLSGroup A - Sagegi, Nyandema, UlandaGroup B - Kehancha, BL Tezza, KwihoGroup C - Manyonge, Wiser, KamejiGroup D - St. Mary's Mabera, Moi Suba, Gukitimo

NETBALLGroup A - Owiro Akoko, Moi Suba, GetonganyaGroup B - Oyugi Ogango, Sota SDA, Bondo KosiemoGroup C - Komotobo, Nyango, KamaiGroup D - Nyamotambe, Luoro, Wang'irabose

BASKETBALL BOYSGroup A - Rapogi, Migori, IsebaniaGroup B - Matare, Kanyawanga, SoriGroup C - Taranganya, Kanga, UririGroup D - Masara, Manyatta, Iraha

BASKETBALL GIRLSGroup A - Kadika, Tuk Jowi, NyabohanseGroup B - Mori, Iraha, Oyugi OgangoGroup C - St. Mary's Mabera, Ulanda, NyamotambeGroup D - Masara, Wasio, BL Tezza

RUGBY BOYSGroup A - Ageng'a, Sori, WinjoGroup B - Gokeharaka, Kameji, RapogiGroup C - Isebania, Uriri, KoderobaraGroup D - Pe Hill, Kubweye, Anjego


Soccer: Kubweye & Isibania

Volleyball, Netball & Racquet games: Kubweye

Rugby:Kugisingisi Sec.

Basketball:Moi Nyabohanse Girls

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