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What young people should do during the school break

 Students can enjoy photography regardless of where they spend their vacation. [iStockphoto]

School holidays are here. Learners have worked hard in school for three straight months and it is time for their well-deserved break.

Rest and relaxation enable the body and mind to repair and rejuvenate to preserve general health and wellness. Studies show that people who are well-rested can control their emotions, feel less stressed, have better memory and cognitive abilities and have better physical health.

School holidays are very important to all students as it gives them time to relax, partake in joyful activities, and cultivate a more resilient and upbeat outlook. During school breaks, students spend time with their families and learning about their history. They get the chance to visit places, participate in cultural traditions and rituals, which are primarily carried out during holiday festivities.

Breaks result in less stress and worry, which improves mood and increases energy levels. In addition, having no deadlines or timetable means that learners have more time in their hands. They must stay away from vices such as drugs, alcohol and pornography because these are self-sabotaging and self-destructing behaviours. On the contrary, they should engage in positive activities such as cycling, helping with tasks around the home, sports, workouts, music, art, baking, and tending to animals.

Often, and unofficially, the academic school year has been extended when learners are engaged in tuition, cutting back on the amount of vacation breaks, or having longer school days. Nonetheless, learners are better off taking breaks. Holidays are ideal moments to acquire knowledge that will set them apart from contemporaries. They should look for vacation courses that cover skills such as cooking, public speaking, driving, or even photography. Google must be their friend, especially in this day where technology runs the world. It will guide on how to obtain tools needed and most likely where to get them.

Times have changed and, in the past, skills such as photography were an expensive hobby that required technical skill. These days, all that is needed is a phone with a camera, some familiarity with camera settings, and an excellent eye for detail. Because life happens so quickly, we frequently miss important details; therefore, photography is a great tool to record those fleeting moments. Students can enjoy this pastime regardless of where they spend their vacation.

Books always come up when discussing productive methods for students to spend their holidays. One of the greatest and most practical pastimes is still reading. It would be useful to read non-academic books on topics of interest such as fiction, environment, and biographies of people who are inspirational. It is now simpler than ever to discover others with similar interests, launch a book club and exchange books. Book enthusiasts create stories about their favourite novels in the same way that we paraphrase and repeat TV shows and movies.

Learners can accompany their parents and guardians to work and to meetings so that they see and speak to adults about their occupations and in this way, learn about the work environment. They can volunteer in an institution such as a hospital so that they broaden their perspective about life. With these experiences, they learn about boundaries, restrictions, and challenges. The mind is opened up to new possibilities and this can inform life-changing decisions such as career choices.

Engaging in positive activities during school holidays results in young people increases their feeling of self-worth, independence, and confidence.

-Ms Munyao is a philanthropist, Founder/Director of a faith-based community organisation

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