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Standard Group: Redefining media in the digital age

 Podcast listening in Kenya has increased steadily. [File, Standard

In an age where information flow has become instant and omnipresent, the evolution of traditional media has become a narrative of adaptation and innovation.

At the forefront of this transformation stands the Standard Group, a venerable institution with a legacy spanning 120 years.

Founded in the early 20th century, through a newspaper, The Standard Group has traversed the epochs of print, broadcast, and now, the digital frontier, pioneering new paradigms in content creation, distribution, and audience engagement.

Winning in the category of new media at the Annual Journalism Excellence Awards 2024 where our podcast producer Steve Ondieki was named winner in the podcast category sends signals that the over one hundred years old name in journalism now a multimedia group, has been changing with the times.

A legacy of innovation

From its humble beginnings as a print publication to its current status as a multimedia conglomerate, the Standard Group has consistently pushed the boundaries of media innovation.

Its journey into the digital realm, however, represents a quantum leap in its quest to remain relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

Spearheaded by Ag. CEO Joe Munene and the board of directors, the Group's strategic vision transcends mere adaptation; it embodies a profound commitment to redefining the very essence of journalism in Kenya.

Audio-visual radio

One of the most significant milestones in Standard Group's digital transformation is the advent of true audio-visual radio stations with multicasting capabilities.

Spice FM, Vybez Radio, and Berur FM, are more than traditional radio that streams live online but have television simulcasting at the same time.

The three stations are by design world-level technological radio set up not seen in East and Central Africa. The group's pioneer radio, Radio Maisha once confined to the airwaves, has now transcended the limits of traditional boundaries hitting new media circles. 

This groundbreaking approach not only enhances audience reach but sets a new standard for competitors in the region, positioning Standard Group as an industry trailblazer.

The rise of TV

Complementing its radio portfolio, the Standard Group boasts four television stations catering to diverse audience segments. KTN News, KTN Home, Burundani TV, and Farmers TV each serve a specific niche, offering a rich tapestry of content ranging from news and entertainment to agricultural programming.

This diversified approach reflects the Group's commitment to addressing the multifaceted interests of its audience while maintaining its position as a leading broadcaster in Kenya.

Embracing digital content formats

Central to the group's digital strategy is the embrace of new content formats, particularly digital videos and podcasts.

Podcast Producer Steve Ondieki Mokaya's recent recognition at the AJEA for the best podcast of the year underscores the Group's commitment to innovation and excellence in storytelling.

Moreover, the inauguration of a state-of-the-art podcast studio signals Standard Group's dedication to fostering a vibrant digital ecosystem, providing a platform for both internal and external content creators to share their narratives.

Subscription revenue model and e-commerce integration

Parallel to its content innovation, Standard Group has embraced a forward-thinking subscription revenue model, revolutionising audience engagement and monetisation strategies.

By offering exclusive content and premium features, the Group cultivates a sense of loyalty among its audience while diversifying revenue streams. Furthermore, the integration of e-commerce and smart delivery services and self-ad booking enhances user experiences, providing seamless access to curated content and merchandise.

The converged newsroom

At the heart of Standard Group's digital transformation lies its converged newsroom, a three-level architectural marvel designed to facilitate seamless collaboration across platforms.

Here, journalists from radio, television, and print converge to produce content for digital platforms first before curating it for other mediums.

The Super Desk, flanked by speed desks and radar desks, serves as the nerve centre, orchestrating the flow of news in real time. Anchored by a commitment to fact-checking and journalistic integrity, the newsroom embodies Standard Group's ethos of putting facts first in a world inundated with misinformation.

Empowering journalists

The transition to a digital-first approach has not only revolutionized content delivery but also empowered journalists to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

This democratisation of storytelling fosters inclusivity and agility, enabling Standard Group to remain at the forefront of journalistic excellence.

A Vision for the Future:As Standard Group continues to chart new frontiers in digital media, its journey serves as a testament to the enduring power of innovation and resilience.

From its pioneering ventures into audio-visual radio to its steadfast commitment to journalistic integrity, the Group embodies the spirit of transformational leadership in an era defined by technological disruption.

Looking ahead, Standard Group remains steadfast in its mission to inform, inspire, and empower audiences across Kenya and beyond, setting the standard for media excellence in the digital age. 

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