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How to look chic on a budget

 How to look chic on a budget (Photo: iStock)

They say fake it till you make it. The phrase is so common it can be categorized as an adage and am sure you will most definitely agree with me.

Even Billionaire Robyn Rihanna commented this on at her 2021 Savage× Fenty red carpet event. Despite being financially unstable, it is important to stay smart both fashionably and intellectually.

The following are essential tips for looking wealthy on a budget;

Good Hygiene

By moisturizing, grooming and maintaining exemplary dental cleanliness, this exudes sophistication and elegance. People will be drawn to you not because you are rich but because you are portraying pure affluence. Being messy will never equal ‘wealthy’ at first glance, so keep things polished with clean lines, accessories, and neat hair and makeup.

Wearing monochromatic outfits

Monochromatic outfits are what we call ‘mix and match’ but with only one colour. This is a flex especially if the colours are not too flashy and shouting. Imagine meeting with a guy or lady who has worn all black, red or even white, the first thought will be that they are either rich or very sophisticated. Monochromatic outfits exude a classy, modish perspective any day or time.

Fashionable shopping

Most designer items are very expensive but this does not mean you can’t wear them. When shopping, search for designer products even on thrift or on a discount. When doing this, avoid those that have gigantic logos because they exude cheapness.


You don’t have to be rich to have a good tailor to sow clothes for you. Your clothes should be fitting and these well-tailored garments ooze of stylishness and sophistication. Wearing outfits that are either too big or too small shows a lack of resources and poor taste in fashion.  Always, fitted clothes reflect a sense of class, taste, and wealth.

Stylish Jewelry

From the dawn of time, jewellery has been the centrepiece of elegance and class. However, if you can’t afford as much, it is important to know that you can wear a few. Wearing excessive cheap gold does not reflect a genuine sense of tastefulness. It is better to have a few authentic and durable pieces.

Smell like big money

How you smell determines how people around you will think of you. If you smell incredibly, most people will be intrigued to have a conversation or sit next to you. By getting a signature perfume or cologne that commands an elegant personality is key to being perceived as rich. Be that as it may, you don’t have to overdo with the amount you put on.

Be a person of culture

By having diverse information and knowledge about most topics in life shows you are smart and refined. Most rich people are attracted to people with ideas and intelligent opinions. You have to dress up to the minute and also back up your voguish outfit by being smart too. Also, having proper table manners and polite language is integral.

Knowing your fabrics

Wear clothes crafted from authentic, superior fabrics to send forth the perception of a higher price tag regardless of the actual price. Fabrics such as leather have a reputation for being assumed to be expensive and very expensive. Knowing your fabrics gives you an idea about how to dress and what to match.

Act rich on social media

Most people on social media especially Instagram live fake lives. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you want to look wealthy on a budget, you need to have an interactive and active social media. The next step is to take good, quality photos of your fashionable outfit and post them. These posts should be of quality photographs and complimented by an equally classy caption. With this, you don’t have to be rich to look rich on Social media.

Luxury Combination

It is essential to know that you can invest in one luxury product such as clothing, perfume or jewellery and let it shine the wealthy light on the rest. By wearing a noticeably expensive item tends to radiate a sense of class, refinement and wealth even if it is not entirely true.

In conclusion, do not fret people. You can look wealthy and healthy at the expense of your normal budget today. 

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