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Signs you need to see a therapist

 Thoughts about suicide and self-harm are neither healthy nor normal (Photo: iStock)

There are times when many of us sit down and ask ourselves, ‘do I really need therapy?’ Then when you think of the whole process of finding a good therapist and the cost implications, you give up on the whole thing and assume you didn’t need it anyway.

The fact is that therapy is more necessary than we are willing to acknowledge.

It might be that thing that saves you from a downward spiral so you have to be honest with yourself and look for these signs that indicate you should book a session:

You have thoughts of suicide and self-harm

It’s not normal to have suicidal thoughts or to pick up habits like self-harming yourself. By the time you reach this level, it means that you have some deep struggles that you’re unable to handle on your own.

You need someone to hold your hand and take you through the healing process so you can understand yourself better and why you’re feeling the way you do.

If you’re experiencing this, go for therapy instead of trying to handle everything on your own.

 When your thoughts start to disrupt your daily routine, it's time to see a therapist (Photo: iStock)
You are constantly having emotional breakdowns

Emotions are very powerful and there are days when you feel overwhelmed. It’s normal to struggle with your emotions a bit but it’s unusual when you keep having emotional meltdowns often.

You might not make it obvious that you’re not okay but deep down you will feel too overwhelmed to cope on most days. That is how you can tell you need to talk to a therapist.

You have unresolved issues you are trying to ignore

People often shrug off going for therapy because they don’t want to acknowledge that something affected them. It might be that you experienced bullying, which people might make fun of but you’re the one who knows how much damage that did to your esteem.

It’s important for you to understand and recognize those experiences that affected you no matter how insignificant they seem to others. Therapy is something that will help you truly let go of what is holding you back.

Your thoughts are affecting your daily life

There are people who are still able to function even when they’re dealing with problems like depression. Then there are those who slowly start to become less productive because of what they’re going through.

If you find that you’re no longer sleeping properly, you are not taking care of yourself anymore and you are showing other signs that you are struggling to be yourself, take that as a sign.

You are experiencing physical symptoms

Mental health struggles can also manifest physically. You might experience symptoms like dizziness, random aches and pains, shortness of breath, rapid weight loss and so many others that don’t have an obvious cause.

At this stage, you have to address your mental health because it is now progressing to physical symptoms. Don’t ignore what you’re experiencing because your body is signaling that something is wrong.

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