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Alice Awiti: The woman shattering glass ceiling in golf

 Alice Awiti in action during the 2023 Magical Kenya Ladies Open. [Courtesy, Standard]

In the lush greens of Kenya’s prestigious golf courses, a new star is rising, rewriting the narrative of women’s golf in the region.

Alice Awiti, with a swing as fluid as the Nile and a determination as steadfast as Mount Kenya, is not just playing golf; she’s sculpting a legacy, one stroke at a time.

The year 2023 marked a pivotal chapter in Awiti’s burgeoning career.

 Alice Awiti in action during a past golf tournament.[Courtesy]

The Nyanza Golf Club member who is currently in the process of securing a dual membership plan by joining Muthaiga Golf Club was on fire last year.

At the KCB East Africa Golf Tournament, her name echoed across the Thika Sports Club like a symphony of triumph.

With 51 stableford points, she didn’t just play; she reigned supreme in the ladies’ category. Against a backdrop of over 200 competitors, her performance was a masterclass in grace under pressure, exhibiting five pars and nine bogeys, a feat that left the gallery in awe.

 Alice Awiti after winning a past golf tournament.[Courtesy]

But her story doesn’t end there. At the inaugural Top 100 Brands Loved by Women in Kenya Golf Tournament, Awiti emerged not just as a top player but as a champion for women’s empowerment in sports.

Navigating the Windsor Country Hotel and Golf Club’s challenging course, she accumulated an impressive 47 points, becoming the first winner of this prestigious event.

Awiti’s journey through the golfing circuits of Kenya continued to be a narrative of relentless pursuit and sheer skill.

 Alice Awiti at the Magical Kenya Ladies Open.[Courtesy]

While the 2023 Magical Kenya Open’s limelight was captured by India’s Aditi Ashok, the tournament still played a crucial role in the tapestry of Awiti’s career, marking her presence among the elite in women’s golf.

She also won the KICE Foundation Charity tournament at Sigona Golf Club with 41 points

Other tournaments she participated in included Mitchel and Colt Golf tournament, Invitational Golf Cup in Seychelles and Ghana among others.

 Alice Awiti in action during a past golf tournament.[Courtesy]

In 2022 at the DBT Bank Golf Sponsored tournament in Kakamega, she outshone over 100 golfers, clinching victory with a remarkable 39 points.

In the Safaricom Golf tour’s Eldoret leg, she dazzled the crowd, amassing 49 points to clinch another victory, a testament to her growing prowess and consistency.

Awiti’s story is more than just about winning tournaments; it’s about breaking barriers and setting new standards in a sport that she embraced barely a few years ago.

 Alice Awiti in action during a past golf tournament.[Courtesy]

Integral to her journey has been the unwavering support of her employer, Safaricom PLC.

As a Territory Business Lead in Nairobi, Awiti has balanced her professional commitment with her passion for golf, a feat made possible by the company’s support.

“Safaricom has been more than an employer; they’ve been a pillar in my golfing journey. Their support in covering my club registration and annual membership fees has been invaluable. I am deeply grateful for their role in shaping me into the golfer I am today,” expressed Awiti.

Her rapid ascent is a narrative of inspiration, echoing in the hearts of aspiring golfers across Kenya and beyond.

 Alice Awiti at the Magical Kenya Ladies Open.[Courtesy]

As 2023 drew to a close, one might have expected Awiti to rest on her laurels. But just like any other champion she is looking forward to rewriting history.

Awiti’s eyes are set on new horizons, both on and off the green as 2024 dawns.

“I’m aiming for more than just trophies,” Awiti shares, her eyes gleaming with the same intensity she shows on the course.

“This year is about breaking my own limits, exploring international tournaments, and inspiring more women in Kenya to take up golf. I want to be a role model, showing that with hard work and passion, anything is possible.”

 Alice Awiti in action during the 2023 Magical Kenya Ladies Open. [Courtesy, Standard]

Off the course, Awiti’s ambitions are equally lofty.

“At work, I aspire to climb the ladder, bringing the same focus and dedication I have for golf to my professional life. Balancing both is a challenge, but it’s one I embrace wholeheartedly,” she explained.

As the new season dawns, Awiti stands at the threshold of greatness, her golf club a wand with which she writes her destiny.

For her, every fairway is a journey, and every green a new opportunity. The golfing world watches in anticipation, knowing that with every swing, Awiti isn’t just playing a game; she’s sculpting a legacy.

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