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SCHOOLS: Agoro Sare ready to defend the badge at Homa Bay County games

 Kisumu Day's Dan Omalla (left) battles for the ball against Agor Sare during the Nyanza Regional finals last year.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

The stage is set for the highly anticipated Homa Bay County Secondary School Term Two games that begin on Friday at Homa Bay High School.

Leading the charge in the Homa Bay boys' football tournament are the Nyanza Region champions, Agoro Sare High School, who are looking to extend their dominance and build on their impressive performance in the Rachuonyo Sub County qualifiers.

Agoro Sare's journey to the county games was marked by a series of strong performances. In the preliminary stages, they edged out Ojwando with a 1-0 victory and held Karabok to a goalless draw.

They then showcased their prowess by defeating Agoro Mix 2-0 in the semi-finals, before sealing their spot as sub-county champions with another 1-0 win against Karabok in the finals.

Reflecting on their journey and the challenges ahead, head coach Fredrick Akuku said real challenge is about to begin.

"We have to defend the badge. The stakes are quite high, and the pressure is sky-high too," Akuku said. "We shall try what is humanly possible and leave the rest to the Lord."

 Agoro Sare in action during the Rachuonyo Sub County games.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

Agoro Sare's football team draws inspiration from their basketball counterparts, who were runner-up in the Term One championships and are set to represent Kenya at the East African games.

"It's a motivation that the basketball lads will be representing Kenya during the East African Championship. The football players are challenged and want to push in order to achieve that too, but it's not an easy slot to get," Akuku added.

Placed in Group A alongside Tonga and Nyamanga, Agoro Sare will need to maintain their defensive solidity and capitalise on scoring opportunities to secure their dominance.

Agoro Sare will begin their title defense against Nyamanga in the first boys match of the day before Waondo plays Gethsemane in the second match.

Hosts Homa Bay High School will then play former regional champions Ringa Boys in the third match which will be the highlight of the day.

Homa Bay County pools

Football Boys

Group A-Agoro Sare, Tonga, Nyamanga

Group B-Waondo, Ligisa, Gethsemane

Group C-Homabay High, Oriwo, Ringa

Football Girls

Group A- Alara, Karabok, Nyabera

Group B- Magina, Ogande, Nyajanja

Group C-Atela, Gethsemane, Ogongo


Group A-Agoro Sare, Ligisa, Mbita

Group B-Homa Bay High, Waware, Otaro

Group C-Ober, Ratanga, Wiobiero,mOrero

Group D-Gendia, Obera, Nyangiela, Wangapala

Volleyball Girls

Group A-Homabay Sub County, Nyambogo, Wasamo

Group B-God Bura, Bloggs, Asumbi

Group C-Dol, Odongo, Miyuga

Volleyball Boys

Group A-God Bura, Tom Mboya, Ogango

Group B-Gogo, Agoro Sare, Rings

Group C-Orero, Homa Bay, Gethsemane


Group A-Kobala, Agoro mixed, Magina

Group B-Sindo, Asumbi, Gethsemane

Group C-Lambwe, Kolweny, Wiga

Basketball Boys

Group A-Agoro Sare, Orero, Gethsemane, Ober

Group B-Ototo, Tonga, Oriwo

Group C-Mbita, Ratanga, Ringa, Homabay

Group D-Gendia, Tom mboya, Kwoyo Kochia, Nyandiwa

Basketball Girls

Group A-Ototo, Ogilo, Ogande

Group B-Asumbi, Mawego, Sindo, Saye

Group C-Nyangajo, Gethsemane, Dudi, Wire

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