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Outfits you should not put on to a wedding

Fashion and Beauty
 Always remember the centre of attraction should be the bride and not you (Photo: Pinterest)

The main highlight of weddings is coming together to celebrate couples that are transitioning to a new stage of life. There is so much joy in the atmosphere during weddings and that's what makes them so special.

Of course, we also love the food, the dancing and the music but something else that everyone looks forward to is wedding fashion.

Dressing up for a wedding is definitely exciting because you already know that you need to bring your A-game. However, there are some style rules that you should always pay attention to, to avoid looking out of place.

These five outfits should be saved for other events because they just don't look right for such an occasion:

Skimpy outfits

Of course, there are people who are more comfortable pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion but, a skimpy outfit for a wedding? That's still a big no.

A wedding is an event where there are kids and lots of elderly guests and for that reason alone you should maintain modesty.

You might have that cut-out dress that would show your curves but, it just needs to be left at the club or at home.

White outfits

White might seem like the perfect colour to wear for a beautiful outdoor wedding. The sun will be glowing and it would be nice to shine in a pure white dress but actually, this is taboo.

Remember that this is the bride's day and most ladies would choose a white wedding dress for their special day. It's very awkward to have the bride plus another guest in the crowd wearing white and that is why people generally avoid this colour during weddings.

Black outfits

This is another strange colour to be wearing during a wedding. There are some brides and grooms who would want guests to wear black as the dress code and, that's probably the only time you should choose this colour.

A wedding should remind people of fun and joy and black isn't exactly something that represents that mood.

If you must wear something dark, it's better to go with navy blue or light grey.

Excessively extravagant outfits

It's definitely important to put the effort into your outfit but, it's equally essential not to go overboard with it. This isn't the time to have too much going on because the attention should be on the bride.

In a way, it's disrespectful to do this because it shows you're trying to make this event about you. The rule should be, to look good but keep it simple.

Anything that doesn't align with the dress code

It's very rude to ignore what the dress code expectations are for such a big event. Unless the invitations came in late and most people didn't have time to prepare, this is something you should avoid.

But usually, there is enough time to organize your outfits early once the invitations are sent out. You definitely shouldn't assume that people won't follow the dress code because you will stand out and not in a good way.

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