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How Hezzy Kialo escaped Nairobi's conmen tricks

 Kenyan Gospel artiste Hezzy Kialo. (Courtesy)

Kenyan Gospel artiste Hezzy Kialo is not afraid to infuse his faith with a rock and roll beat, creating a sound that is both inspirational and infectious.

His music resonates with the youth seeking a fresh expression of their faith, one that does not shy away from contemporary sounds.

Whether singing praise or delivering soulful ballads of faith, Hezzy is pushing Kenyan Gospel to a whole new level.

“I focused on Rock as my genre of choice since I took it as a challenge. At first, Rock music sounded as noise to me, but I promised to do it. I also needed to curate and package my content in such a way that it shows my diversity, culture, emotion, God’s doctrines as well as character,” he says.

Hezzy began his journey by creating dance moves and performing for artists and choirs. But he later made the choice to go into the studio.

Since 2018, he embarked on a musical journey, pouring his heart into every melody. Britton Solo, a seasoned producer, played a pivotal role in Hezzy’s musical journey, guiding him through uncharted genres and helping him refine his craft.

Hezzy has since made his mark with two captivating extended plays: his debut EP, Mawazo, and his second, Uhuru.

Staying true to his musical journey, he won the Promising Male Artiste of the Year 2022 FEMA awards. In 2023, he was honored as the Most Impressive Talent of the Year by the Golden Honour Initiative.

That December, he participated as a judge and director at the BOG (Beyond One in Gospel) awards.

However, Hezzy’s rise was not without challenges.

“The first memory that is forever etched in my mind is this particular day I was coming from Kitengela,” Hezzy recalls.

Along the way, he encountered a group playing poker by the roadside, and his curiosity got the better of him.

“One of the guys threw a disk, and I went to pick it up for them. As I was picking it up, a stranger pulled me aside, warning me that those people were conmen,” he says. This incident taught him to always be cautious while in town.

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