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Edday Nderitu refers to Samidoh as 'husband' amid daughter's graduation celebration

 Edday Nderitu and Samidoh cosy up amid daughter's graduation.

Mugithi singer Samidoh recently took to social media to express his pride and joy as his daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, graduated from high school in the United States.

Reflecting on the milestone, Samidoh shared, "My daughter, child of my youth, you were born shortly after I exited my teenage years. It was a very confusing time for me. I didn’t know whether to go back to school, to feed you, or to fend for myself. Ours has been a journey in which we have seen each other grow.”

He added: “Today, I am very proud of you. As I see you graduate to high school – this! I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world. My girl, I wish you greatness. Go and conquer because the world is all yours. Congratulations!! As you turn a year older, I wish you a Happy Birthday. Thank you for making Daddy proud.”

Following the graduation ceremony, the family celebrated with a date, including their children and a few family members.

In a video that has gone viral, Samidoh and Edday Nderitu can be seen sharing a light-hearted moment.

The Mugithi singer joked that he and Edday were too young to have a child in high school, suggesting humorously that their daughter should repeat the grade.

Edday, seated close to Samidoh with his right hand resting on her shoulders, supported his statement by saying, "You have heard what my husband has said."

Samidoh added, "Even when you look at our faces we look very young," leading to shared laughter between the couple.

In May, Edday Nderitu marked one year since relocating to the United States with her three children.

She took to Instagram to reflect on her journey, highlighting the courage and determination it took to leave her previous life behind and start anew.

"It's exactly one year ago today when I took a step of faith and started a new chapter in my life! That takes a lot of courage and determination," wrote Nderitu.

She opened up about the personal growth she has experienced, discovering new strengths, developing coping mechanisms, and gaining valuable self-awareness.

"I’ll keep moving forward, even if the path ahead is still unclear. I've got this! Remember that every step, even the ones that feel uncertain or scary, is an opportunity for growth and learning,” she added.

Nderitu's departure from Kenya in May 2023 followed public statements in July, where she addressed the reasons behind her decision.

She described the prior environment as "toxic," particularly for her teenage daughter, who was directly affected by unspecified negative behavior.

Nderitu clarified her marital status, denying any involvement in a polygamous relationship, and stated she “left the husband for whoever needed him more.”

“I made a decision to remove myself and my kids from that toxic environment, especially my teen daughter who unfortunately is a direct recipient of unbelievable behavior displayed …I have managed to sustain my kids' needs so far with no help and I am not regretting any bit of it,” she shared on her Facebook page.

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