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VIDEO: Cera Imani speaks on 'break up' with Khalif Kairo, future plans


Influencer Faith Waithera, popularly known as Cera Imani, has been a trending topic for weeks following her much-publicised relationship with businessman Khalif Kairo.

A lot was said about the pair and she sat down with the TNX team to demystify misconceptions about her.

Tell us about your career journey

I studied Procurement and Logistics at Kabarak University and have six years of experience in the corporate world. I've worked at Iconic Agricultural Company and Fuzu Recruitment Company, handling tenders, and with other phone companies.

How did you get into influencing?

It started when I went viral on TikTok with the Utawezana Challenge. I love dancing; it's therapeutic for me. Initially, I stopped influencing due to negative publicity, but I eventually learned to cope. I taught myself to edit videos and photos, and soon brands noticed me. That's how my journey as an influencer began.

Can you tell us about the viral video on X?

An unapproved video of me twerking was posted by someone who recorded me without my consent. Despite asking him to stop and promising to delete it, he posted it a year later while I was in a relationship. My advice is to mind your own business and do what makes you happy, regardless of what others say. This motivates me in the online world—I won’t let anyone stop me.

Are you spiritual or religious?

Prayer is crucial to me. I’m very spiritual and believe that being solely religious can be misleading. I have a personal relationship with God, read the Bible, and listen to sermons. Being in God's presence gives me peace that surpasses human understanding. My faith has helped me through mental struggles because God truly understands who I am and my challenges.

What do people say about you being born again?

Some expect born-again Christians to dress a certain way or avoid makeup, but that's a misconception. You can be stylish and still love and acknowledge God. Stereotypes often lead to misjudgments about a person's faith and character. It's important not to judge based on appearances.

Does bullying on social media affect your brand and family?

My family isn’t bothered by online bullies because they know me. Brands understand this dynamic; they work with me regardless of the publicity I receive. Haters, in a way, enhance my influence—they are a blessing in disguise.

What do you have to say to people who assume you have the "pretty privilege"?

The idea that I get special treatment because I'm pretty is exaggerated. Yes, I sometimes receive better service, but beauty alone isn't enough. Many beautiful girls don't achieve much beyond their looks. Success requires effort and seizing opportunities. People might think I have it easy, but they don't understand my journey. Everyone has their unique beauty; what matters is showcasing your intellectual capabilities and working hard. I've studied, graduated, worked diligently, and now I influence.

What is your take on Khalif Kairo?

He's a smart businessman. I was surprised when he announced our breakup on X, but I accepted it and moved on. I hold no grudges and am focused on improving myself further.

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