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Bishop Johanna defends his 'exorcism' tactics

 Bishop Johanna

Social media platforms have been abuzz with news about Bishop Johanna, an Akorino sect bishop, also known as Dickson Gichuhi, who found himself at the centre of controversy when an online video surfaced, depicting him purportedly "exorcising demons" from a woman in her undergarments.

In the widely circulated video, Bishop Johanna is shown engaging in what many have criticized as inappropriate behaviour. He is seen touching a woman congregant and applying ointment to various parts of her body, including her stomach and private areas, while she lies on her back. The video includes Johanna conversing with the supposed demons afflicting a woman named Carol, who, as the bishop later clarified, was not the woman in the video but someone who allegedly stole the victim's husband.

Explaining the situation, Bishop Johanna stated, "When she came, I saw she was troubled. I told her the name of the woman her husband had left her for. She is called Carol. She asked me what to do. So when you saw me on the video, I was doing deliverance. I was casting out evil spirits from the woman, and they spoke to me and told me they were from Carol, and Carol had gone to Uganda for witchcraft to attract married men."

Despite the controversy, the bishop has faced accusations of indecent acts and inappropriate behaviour from netizens, including individuals like Alice Nganga, who expressed her discontent on social media, suggesting that he deserves imprisonment.

In an exclusive interview with The Nairobian, Bishop Johanna defended his actions, refuting claims of engaging in indecent acts with the woman. He asserted, "My intentions were pure and had no ulterior motives. While doing deliverance, I apply the anointing oil where the demons are. I can't apply the anointing oil to the face when the demons are on the head. That woman told me her problem was in the stomach area, and that's why I was rubbing oil on her stomach. I had no bad intentions."

Bishop Johanna, formerly affiliated with the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) before joining the Akorino sect in 2000, shared that he commenced his ministry of delivering people from dark forces in 2014. He claimed to have cast out demons from approximately 2,000 individuals, freeing them from sorcerers, generational curses, and other afflictions.

The bishop lamented that the viral video negatively impacted his work, leading to denial of entry to his rented church by the landlord. He emphasized his commitment to family and faith, stating, "I have a wife with four children. My wife supports me in this industry, and sometimes, she stays and feeds the people I have delivered from madness as their family members are always reluctant to integrate them."

Regarding the controversial video, Bishop Johanna clarified that he did not release it but acknowledged it was recorded with his consent. He explained, "I took the video as a strategy to cover me should I deliver the victim and then she claims that I sexually assaulted her. I have the video as my back up, but I don't know who released the video. It's part of the devil's wider scheme to block my work."

Despite facing challenges and criticism, Bishop Johanna remains resolute in his dedication to his ministry. He concluded, "This is the devil's script, but I'm soldiering on no matter what. Even if I were to be arrested, I would continue with my ministry in police cells."

Some of Bishop Johanna's clients, featured in his Facebook videos, have come forward to defend him, asserting that he is genuinely chosen to help those in need. Mary Wanjiru from Kigetuini village in Kiharu, Muranga County, shared her positive experience, claiming that the bishop rescued her daughters from bewitchment in 2017. Wanjiru attested to the bishop's authenticity and warned against maligning his name, stating, "Anyone involved in maligning his name will face the fire."

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