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Tinder users urged to watch out for new scam - here's how to spot it

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It’s the go-to dating app for many people around the world, but if you use Tinder, a new report may ring alarm bells for you.

Experts from the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) have warned that scammers are posing ‘as charming women’ on Tinder in the hopes of luring victims into investment scams.

The FSMA explained: “Dating sites and apps such as Tinder are venues conducive to emotional scam attempts.

“These sites and apps have lately also been used to prospect for potential preys to investment fraud. Victims are mostly men. While looking for a date, they get in touch with women of allegedly Asian descent.”

The scam unfolds in four steps, according to the FSMA.

Firstly, the scammer creates a fake profile of a ‘charming women’, before dropping a ‘Super Like’ on their victim’s profile.

Then, once contact has been made, the scammer will start up a conversation with the victim, explaining how she is financially independent, and makes money ‘easily.’

She then tells you that she made her money by investing and that she can help you do the same, sending you a link to a fake website where it seems you can buy cryptocurrencies.

Worryingly, if you put in your credit card details, you’ll actually be putting money directly into the scammer’s pocket.

The FSMA said: “Once you have paid, you will have no hope of getting your money back. As soon as you begin wondering about the veracity of that offer, your chat partner will disappear and will not answer your messages anymore.”

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Speaking to The Mirror, Jake Moore, Cyber Security Specialist at ESET, advised: "Many of us are acutely aware of how a scam works when someone sends a phishing email and therefore, reply rates can be extremely low due to the awareness.

"However, when the scammer uses an app we are familiar with, alongside a possible lure such as a super like, much of the standard awareness advice falls to the wayside.

"It is vital to do research on anyone you come in contact with on the internet before you start up a conversation to add validation. Many fraudsters are using well known apps these days hiding in plain site.

"You must never part with any cash to someone you haven’t met and try to remain impartial when they are using the terminology and compliments you would hope to expect."

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