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Wish for wealth as you make your New Year resolutions


This is that week of reckoning. Most people hate it because it is a reminder of the stuff we have failed in, but because we have to keep up appearances, we smile and wish everyone a happy new year.

So here goes, happy new year everybody. May this be your year – whatever that means.

It’s not like the year creeps on us – it is one of those inevitable occurrences, like a full moon every twenty-eight days, but the same way we marvel at every sighting of a full moon month in month out, we are shocked that it is a new year, year in, year out.

I have thought long and hard about this phenomena, and concluded that we act surprised because we are forced to dig our heads out of the sand and face realities that we ignore during December festivities.

For starters, for too many people (or perhaps, it is the people I know), there is broke-ness which unfortunately breeds brokenness; there is the realisation that there would not be a late December/early January salary.

You will remember that you have not paid rent, your work clothes will look awkward on you because you have added weight, then you might have to start worrying if that one drunken night you had unprotected sex had ended up with a pregnancy.

You make resolutions that are supposed to positively impact your life; stop drinking, fight less with strangers online, promise yourself not to procrastinate, save more (or start saving), etc.

You will even go an extra mile and take stock of the stuff that went wrong the previous year, and then have a list of the stuff you need to change.

The thing is, even when you are making all these resolutions, you know the chances of not fulfilling them are extremely high because they are sponsored by an empty bank account. And feeling sorry for yourself.

I no longer make resolutions, because experience has taught me that the best time to make them is when I am financially and mentally strong.

Think about this – have you ever been super broke, and your food cravings tend to be for stuff out of your pocket reach? You want pizza even though you hate cheese. You want expensive whisky even though you prefer a barley beer.

You want grilled chicken, and you do not just crave chips, you crave them in a more exotic name, like French fries. Same thing with resolutions.

This is why I am pro-wealth. Like the type of wealth that is nearly disgusting. This is one of the reasons I dislike religion, because religion wants you to be happy in poverty by throwing statements that do not make sense, like ‘money is the root of all evil’. They make evil so irresistible.

Money is good, because it gives you access to a supermarket of choices. When you have assorted meats in the freezer but decide to eat lettuce – that is the power of money.

When you can decided to walk to Nakuru for recreational purposes, while you have three super vehicles at home – that is the goodness of money.

When you can afford the most expensive clothes available, but like Zuckerberg and his ilk you choose to wear a simple tee, that’s the kind of audacity money provides you. I want it.

Right now, assuming you are one of the less moneyed, as you worry about your children’s school fees, as you worry about the possibility of your landlord embarrassing you, as you worry about the lies you may have to tell your boss about why you are missing work, because you obviously cannot tell him that you do not have bus fare or cannot fuel your car, as you do all that, the rich are carrying on with their lives like it is bonus day. How can that be evil?

Wealth, also known as money, is freedom. It is flexibility. It is peace of mind. It is having unlimited choices.

Wealth is dignity, because only those without wealth are game for anyone, including the government, to embarrass.

Wealth is generosity to thyself and others, and we all know that amazing feeling we get when we are generous. Wealth is comfort. Wealth is good. This new year, I wish you great wealth.

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