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Your friend's wife is a no-go zone


Sleeping with your friend’s partner in a world that has eight billion people is one of the messiest things we get to witness in this world. There are people in this universe who are born with no shame at all. They would sleep with anything that is capable of turning them on and they do not move with any boundaries.

They lie and betray their friends to have little dirty affairs and they justify it all by saying no one chooses who they fall in love with. The love between two people is a sum of several conscious decisions made over a significant period of time.

It starts with texting for hours, and then phone calls that go on and on as the connection slowly evolves into hanging out or traveling together in secret. It is dishonest to claim you didn’t know how it all happened when you get caught up in an affair with someone who was evidently forbidden from the start.

There is always the moment when you could have said a resounding “NO!” but chose to say, “Yes” affirmatively.

In a world where we encounter single people every day, sleeping with your friend’s partner shows a lack of loyalty, values, and a lack of self-love. Why would you choose to be with an unavailable person that is lying and cheating when you could find healthy, sustainable love for yourself?

Maybe, some people were put in this world to be hoes but I want to believe that we have ethical hoes who understand the value of friendship. It is literally something we have been taught to appreciate since January and a high libido is not enough to make one forget the values they were raised to appreciate.

Nairobi and most towns across are full of people who are looking for casual non-committal sex and hookups. If you are desperate for sex, you can find it anywhere as it is everywhere and not just limited to your friend’s relationship. I understand that sometimes, people do things because they are bored or lonely but I promise you that you do not have to look for excitement at your friend’s doorstep.

People destroy friendships

This should never have to be said because it should occur naturally to every one of us but it has to be said because sleeping with friend’s partners is a very common occurrence in the world we live in. People destroy friendships that have carried them through tough seasons of their lives for a few minutes of mediocre sex, and that is why I am here to remind you why you should never make that cardinal mistake.

The lowest form of self-hate is settling for a mediocre relationship that does not offer you much beyond sex and misery when the world is filled with genuine and decent people who could love you in ways that honour your body and soul and in ways that do not destroy friendships that are practically meaningful.

Everyone except the cheaters deserves a person who doesn’t cheat or lie. Settling for your friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend is settling for a person who will never answer your calls on certain days and settling for a person who will only meet you at night in dingy hotel rooms because you are sneaking around.

It is sad to be the little dirty secret but I guess some people do not have a problem with accepting breadcrumbs from people who are looking for excitement outside of their relationships.

A lack of self-worth is what drives a person to settle for a cheater who lacks the decency to respect a relationship. Friendship deserves respect and is more important than forbidden sexual relations.

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