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A look inside Dr. Zippy Okoth's vibrant home

 Dr Zippy Okoth's haven. (Courtesy)

Dr Zippy Okoth is charming, and her journey is extraordinary. She earned her doctorate by the age of 30 and garnered acclaim for her award-winning films. Yet, it is her unwavering resilience that sets her apart.

Despite enduring heartbreak and the devastating loss of her child, Dr Zippy remains a beacon of strength, her contagious laughter brings solace and energy to all around her.

She is a distinguished consultant in Performing Arts, Gender Issues, and Curriculum Development.

Her creative genius extends further still — she is a prolific producer, director, storyteller, and author, weaving narratives that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

In the hallowed halls of KCA University, Zippy imparts her wisdom as a lecturer in Theatre Arts and Film Studies, nurturing the next generation of storytellers. 

Her journey towards homeownership began with a simple picture on her vision board — a testament to her unwavering determination, even amidst the challenges of the Covid era.

She embarked on the quest to find her piece of land. Against all odds, she stumbled upon the perfect spot in Ngong, armed with only Sh150,000, but overflowing with determination.

 Dr Zippy Okoth's haven. (Courtesy)

With that modest sum, she sealed the deal by placing a deposit with the landowner, setting the wheels of fate in motion. Months passed, and through sheer grit and resourcefulness, she secured the remaining funds, ready to transform her dream into reality.

Amidst humorous tales of nocturnal visitors, the occasional presence of hyenas and other wildlife nearby, and the absence of a fence on her hillside abode, she pressed on.

The impressive address now has a fence, fashioned from rocks and skillfully broken by skilled craftsmen.

At every turn of her property, there are repurposed treasures, with each container transformed into a vivid testament to creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Amidst thriving cacti, blooming flowers, and flourishing vegetables, the ethos of sustainability resonated throughout her home.

Passing through the gate, I was greeted by a stately house adorned with vibrant containers, each repurposed with care and precision.

Plants adorn every corner of her living room, infusing the space with a sense of vitality and tranquillity.

“Warm colours encourage conversation and make guests feel at ease.” 

Her kitchen is spacious. “I love big kitchens because I enjoy hosting guests. I could do it every day. It needs to be spacious to allow my guests and I to gossip!” 

 Dr Zippy Okoth's haven. (Courtesy)

Adorning one wall were family portraits and graduation snapshots, while beneath them, a sprawling yellow cream chaise Chesterfield lounge beckons, enticing visitors to relax and embrace life’s simple joys. Adjacent to the television, art pieces gifted to her added an elegant touch to the room.

Adorned in velvet yellow and blue, her sink and sofas have been cherished for years.

Her bookshelf has a curated selection of beloved reads, including her book, Ooops Zippy, in which she shares her journey through divorce and personal growth. “I decided to embrace my story because, no matter what, people will cast judgment, particularly after a divorce,” she said.

“It has been a 10-year journey to get to where I am today, and it hasn’t been smooth sailing.” 

“My house is still a work in progress. There are plans for tiling and painting, and we finished the upstairs just three months ago,” she says.

With a preference for mahogany, the dining table exudes rustic charm. Unique sea weed lighting fixtures add character to the room.

The staircase, personalised with the names of her children, reflects her attention to detail.

In her inviting bedroom, a rustic bed with floral bedding created a serene atmosphere. Yet, amidst the beauty, there’s a hint of regret — she longs for more children, having sadly lost one along the way.

As an accomplished filmmaker and the youngest PhD holder, her commitment to women’s empowerment is clear. Breaking boundaries in the 90s with the Dholuo film Otis Janam with English subtitles, she championed cultural representation and inclusivity.

-For more tune in to KTN Home every Thursday 8pm and catch Dr. Zippy Okoth’s heart-warming episode on the KTN YouTube channel.


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