Former Kamukunji MP Norman Nyagah. [Muriithi Mugo, Standard]

Former Kamukunji MP Norman Nyagah is making a comeback from retirement to contest for Embu senatorial seat.

"I had been very adamant in accepting to go back to politics but I have listened to residents with a very keen ear. I have seen the disparity that has happened in Embu County and I feel it's only fair to spare some energy, some ability to be able to counter some of the evil that is happening in this county," Mr Nyagah said yesterday.

He said Senate worldwide required people who are full of wisdom to guide the nation.

Nyagah is optimistic about bringing cohesion among local leaders whose disunity was partly to blame for challenges facing Embu County.

"You must be in a position to sit with all these representatives of the county. It is the only way any government can achieve its objectives," he said.

He said politics was not about age but a tactical approach on different issues affecting the different age groups in society.

Nyagah said the greatest strength he would bring to the county is to demystify the issue of clannism in Mbeere.


Norman Nyagah will be vying on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket?. [Courtesy]

He said he is a better uniting factor by the virtual of having his roots in Kamba, Embu and Mbeere communities.

Nyagah dismissed claims that he comes from a dynasty, arguing that he grew up in the village before the family struggled to get into leadership when his father, Jeremiah Nyagah, was elected into Legco.

"I lived in a mud house and walked a distance to school and to hospitals through the wilderness but cannot deny coming from Nyaga family," he added.

He said if elected senator, whoever will win the gubernatorial race will face close scrutiny in the management of public resources.

"Embu requires someone that can bark and protect public money, somebody like me who cannot be bought out," Nyagah said.

He will be vying on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket and says he has no problems working with Deputy President William Ruto who was in Kanu during the dark days when he (Nyagah) was in the opposition.

He said while serving as the government chief whip, he learned a lot about lobbying and relating with people holding different opinions.