Migori MCAs elect former immediate water CEC Christopher Rusana as their speaker. He got 45 votes. [Anne Atieno, Standard]

Migori County Assembly members (MCAs) have elected immediate former water CEC Christopher Rusana as the new Speaker.

This is after 45 ward reps out of 59 threw their weight behind Rusana while his closest challenger lawyer Francis Ndar got 13 votes. Allan Chacha got three votes while the other 14 candidates got zero votes.

Tension was high after MCAs clashed over the voting process. 

"We have Christopher Rusana as our new Speaker," Deputy Speaker David Chacha announced.

Before the elections, the deputy Speaker who chaired the process announced that former Suna West MP Joseph Ndiege had withdrawn from the race.

"We got a letter from the candidate stating that he has stepped down. We now have 17 candidates," Chacha said.

On Monday evening, Ndiege while addressing the Press declared support for Rusana.

“I am looking at the future of Migori politics. I want our people to work in unity. We were two people from Suna West who were going for the seat and I have left it for my brother Rusana,” he said.

The assembly had published a notice in the dailies on May 15 where it declared the Speaker's seat vacant after impeaching Speaker Owino Likowa.

Rusana thanked those who supported him and vowed to lead the assembly without discrimination.

“I will ensure the working conditions of members and staff are improved. We shall fast track the ongoing construction of members' offices to ensure they have a conducive environment to work in," he said.