Chief Justice Martha Kooome.[James Wanzala,Standard]

The National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) has resolved proactive measures to ensure security for Judiciary employees and clients.

Chief Justice Martha Koome now wants the National Assembly and Treasury to provide additional financial support to boost security within the judicial confines. 

The move comes in the back of the recent fatal shooting of Makadara magistrate Monica Kavitu. 

Koome said there is a need to ensure that justice is served and thrives in a secure environment.

The CJ further averred that it’s important to upgrade security preparedness and vigilance among the employees.

“Recognizing the urgency to institute long-lasting security measures and protocols within the purview of justice sector institutions. The  NCAJ commits to reinforce the internal security controls across the institutional infrastructure and equipment to establish an impenetrable environment for dispensing justice for clients and employees,” said Koome.

NCAJ has resolved to roll out extensive training for judiciary personnel on security, safety, and disaster preparedness to empower and transform the workforce into resilient guardians of justice.

They also intend to extend the focus beyond institutional boundaries to embed a culture of vigilance within the communities.