The late Mr Ibu and his adopted daughter. (Photo/Courtesy)

Just a day after Nollywood actor John Okafor, known as Mr Ibu, passed away, his adopted daughter Jasmine has changed his TikTok account to her name.

The account, which had over 1 million followers, was originally called @realmribu but now appears as @LadyJasminec_live.

Along with the name change, it seems Jasmine has removed most of Mr Ibu's videos, leaving only six that feature herself.

 A screenshot of Mr Ibu's TikTok handle changed to

This move has upset many of Mr Ibu's fans on social media, who accuse Jasmine of disrespecting the actor's legacy.

Fans believe that Mr Ibu's social media accounts should serve as a tribute to his life and career, instead of being used for other purposes.


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Dr Olukemi Olunloyo expressed her concern on X, saying, “Mr Ibu’s cause of death is a CARDIAC AREEST ?which is consistent with his multiple ailments. However why did his adopted daughter Jasmine changed all his handles to her name on IG and TikTok? They should have MEMORIALIZED it.”

Mr Ibu died on March 2, 2024, from a cardiac arrest, as confirmed by Emeka Rollas, the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

“I announce with deep sense of grief that Ibu didn’t make it. Mr Ibu suffered a cardiac arrest according to his manager of 24 years,” Rollas announced.

In December 2023, Mr Ibu's family had shared details about his health struggles, including an amputation due to blood clotting in his leg and other health issues.

“Daddy’s cause of sickness is also not diabetes but he’s had constant clotting of the blood in his leg (diseased blood vessels) and other health challenges posing risk to his life, therefore the need for the amputation,” the family explained.