Eve Mungai [Instagram]

Content creator Eve Mungai has launched her own YouTube channel, weeks after her ex-boyfriend, director Trevor, took control of their previous channel, rebranding it as Kenya Online Media.

Announcing this significant move on her Instagram page, the social media influencer called on fans to support her in her new venture, now identified as Mungai Eve Media.

“Embarking on a journey from Starting Over to Rising Up,” she wrote.

Following the exciting news, numerous fans and fellow content creators extended their well-wishes, including Trevor, who said, “Congratulations on her new journey.”

The video director had previously asserted that he would not require Eve’s input on his new channel, leading to the cessation of their collaboration.

Reconciliation efforts are underway as Eve and Trevor’s feud concerns comedian Eric Omondi, who had played a role in helping the duo build their brand to its previous status.

In a bid to salvage their working relationship, Eric promised to mediate between the two influencers and assist in reconciling their differences.

“I know the norm is that after two people split, they end up being bitter exes; however, Trevor and Eve must work. If they don’t work out, they must work together. If they don’t work together, they must have at least a personal relationship. It’s not that I am forcing this, but it’s something I feel I have to make sure happens,” he promised.

Amidst assumptions from netizens taking sides, some suggesting Trevor’s channel won’t attract the same audience without Eve, and others convinced Eve won’t succeed without Trevor's input, Eric explained that the duo’s success hinges significantly on their reconciliation as they make an impeccable team.

“This is because everybody is expecting; Eve is a brand, Eve will not make it, Trevor will not make it, no. I have to sit with them, take them to a nyama choma spot, and remind them of one and a half years ago. I will not force them to get back together; if they end up doing so, well and good. But they can work together; they don’t need to be enemies,” he concluded.

In response to the ongoing situation, Eve shared a cryptic message on her Instagram, stating that she would not address anything concerning her dispute with Trevor.

“As bad as you wanna address it, some things are better left unsaid. I'm learning,” read her message.