Some of the private shops thagt were looted by a section of Azimio la Umoja protestors in Kisumu on March 27, 2023. [Collins Oduor, Standard]

Nyeri leaders have condemned the destruction and looting of property witnessed on Monday and Thursday during the Azimio la Umoja antigovernment protests.

The leaders said the demonstrations are likely to paralyse the country's peace and worsen the economy that is yet to recover from the scars of Covid-19 pandemic.

Led by Nyeri governor Mutahi Kahiga, the leaders say the Azimio leader Raila Odinga should accept the outcome of last year's general election and give the government time to work on the economy.

"It is pointless to participate in an election whose results you will never accept and anybody who participates in an election must prepare for a win, lose or draw," said Kahiga adding, "When it so happens, the courts are there to lodge our complains, and when they give their final verdict, it is important to adhere to it."

Kahiga said the ongoing demonstrations are not peaceful and will turn the country in the wrong direction, as witnessed during the 2007 general elections.

"We condemn all the acts of violence and looting that we have seen. No matter the political affiliation it is wrong to see private property being looted and innocent lives lost as a result of violent protests," he said.

The County Assembly Speaker James Mwangi echoed the sentiments by saying the demonstrations aim at crippling an already battered economy.

According to Mwangi, the government should provide enough security officers to areas likely to have destruction of properties rather than leave them unprotected to avoid counter accusations.

"Raila has perfected the art of forcing himself into the government through the so called 'maandamanos' and mass action, which are never peaceful. The government should provide enough police officers to avoid destruction of properties and the back and forth accusations," he said.

Nyeri Town constituency MP Duncan Maina said parliament should enact a law for when to close the electoral contest in the country to avoid chaos.

"We must shut down electoral competition. Lawmakers must come out firmly and shut down electoral competition, since the contest is only being witnessed in the presidential seat, which was not the only position in the ballot box," he said.

His Kieni counterpart Njoroge Wainaina said the protests cannot revive the economy, and it's the high time the opposition leader accepted defeat.

"I urge leaders from the Azimio coalition to stop the demos as they will only ruin business and the economy at large. He should give space for the government to deliver its agendas," he said.

Political analyst Wambugu Nyamu condemned the invasion that happened at Northlands farm which is linked to former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

"Youth should practice working hard and earning their own property, and the two national leaders should dialogue and come up with a better way of resolving issues in the country," he said.