Expressway: Operator gears up for full launch

Moja Express, public relations manager, Jeanne Ong’iyo. [Macharia Kamau, Standard]

Motorists have been enjoying the feel of the 27km Nairobi Expressway on a trial basis before its official launch in June. Financial Standard’s Macharia Kamau spoke to the operator of the road, Moja Express Public Relations Manager Jeanne Ong’iyo on the project’s progress.

How convenient is it to drive on the expressway?

The commissioning of the Nairobi Expressway is a sigh of relief to the residents of Nairobi and its satellite towns who are dependent on the Waiyaki Way–Uhuru Highway–Mombasa Road. They now have a solution to the heavy gridlocks.

In the last few weeks, over 17,000 people have registered to use the expressway using the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) or Manual Toll Collection (MTC) options. 

Why is Moja Express encouraging motorists to adopt the ETC  as opposed to cash or mobile money payments? 

We advocate for the ETC service since it is a non-stop service that grants the user access to the expressway in just three seconds. With the On-Board Unit (OBU) device in your car, you do not need to stop at the toll stations to scan your card or pay toll fees. The barrier is automatically lifted to grant the user access while the motorist is 10 metres away from the toll gate, making it our fastest option so far. 

Who will be exempted from paying the tolling charges and why?

A select category of users including police, military, ambulances and fire engines. We are keen to ensure we provide access for emergency caregivers and security agents.

Who will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the expressway?

The Road Asset and Corridor Management Department is tasked with ensuring a smooth flow of traffic, safety of motorists, protecting property and greening.

What calibre of human resources have you deployed?

A toll station, will have various cadres of employees including the ticketing manager.