Farmers trained on disease and tsetse fly control

The Ministry of Agriculture has embarked on sensitising and training farmers on disease and vector control.

The tsetse-fly emergency eradication drive is being undertaken in Siaya, Migori and Homa Bay counties.

Dr Pamela Olet, the Kenya Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Council (KENTTEC) chief executive, said they have initiated groups where farmers register before getting necessary training.

“We have embarked on a programme to revive activities that help in reducing tsetse fly invasion and diseases that it causes,” Olet said in Misori village, Bondo sub-County where a crush pen was launched on Tuesday.

She also said that there is need for surveillance since tsetse fly has not been declared eradicated.

“By eradicating the insect through basic technologies, farmers will be able to improve livestock and crop production,” she said.

Olet asked the county assemblies in the Lake Victoria region to prioritise budgetary allocations for eradication of tsetse fly.

Nyanza Regional coordinator Benard Chemweno said this is an ongoing activity.

He said that under the drive, the tsetse flies are also trapped using special nets.

“Sustainability has been a challenge and this has caused resurgence because of the trans-boundary problem,” he said, adding that eradication of tsetse flies will create an enabling environment for farmers to thrive.

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Tsetse Flies