Decoding unusual behaviors that your dog may exhibit

Everyone knows that dogs are the most adorable pets on the planet. Not cats, not even bunnies. And though they come packed with all the cuddly goodness that exists in the world, they can also be quite the mystery. You’ve probably seen your dog eat grass or sniff another dog’s butt, and you did not know what to make of it. In this article, with the help of Dr. Paul Kang’ethe, we’ll look at some bizarre things that dog does and what they mean.

Eating grass

A number of theories have been fronted in regard to why dogs chew on grass. Dr. Paul explains that while this is mainly regarded as an instinctual trait, it also serves a medical function. “Usually, dogs chew on grass as a way to rid their bodies of certain ingested material,” he says. Often times dogs will vomit soon after eating grass.

Butt sniffing

Consider this a dog’s way of saying hello, examining the sex of another dog or simply finding out the mood of the new dog. Dr. Paul explains that with nearly 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose, dogs can very easily dig up this information by a simple butt sniff. He further says that dogs may do this when they are on heat.


Your dog should not be winking at you for whatever reason. If you notice your dog doing this, it may be that they have something lodged in the eye. They may also be experiencing a dry eye. Again, according to Dr. Paul, winking may be a dog’s way of breaking a gaze. A long stare can come off as a threat to dogs. In this case, to present as friendly, your dog may occasionally wink at you.

Tilting the head

This is one of the most beautiful things that dogs do. However cute though, the act has little to do with you or whatever affection your dog may feel towards you. “It is more about using their ears like a radar dish, you may notice that when a dog hears a new sound, they will tilt their head back and forth, trying to hear the sound more clearly,” Dr. Paul says.


Your dog should not be spinning or excessively chasing their tail. Dr. Paul tells me that your dog may do an occasional spin out of excitement, but constant spinning should signal a problem. This could be as sinister as a brain lesion or as simple as an inner ear infection, he says. He advises that your dog should be examined by a veterinarian, to ascertain whether the cause is genetic, compulsive, or a sign of an infection.

However, circling before settling down is a normal act that dogs use to ensure that they are lying down in a comfortable place.

Carrying their food from one place to another

You may have observed that your dog will may carry bits of food, or the entire bowl at times, to a different location before eating. Many dog owners think that perhaps the previous spot has a smell that only the dog can sniff. Dr. Paul counters this by explaining that the reason is purely instinctual. Dogs see this as a way of securing their valued resource.

By highlighting some of the unusual behaviors that your dog may present, I hope that you are able to better decode your dog’s mysterious cues.

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