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What is push-pull Technology?

14th Aug, 2020

Push-pull technology is a method developed by ICIPE for the control of maize stalk borers and Striga weeds in a maize crop. It uses a push crop (Desmodium ) and a pull crop (Napier grass). The desmodium discourages the growth of Striga in the soil and also has a chemical that is unattractive to the stalk borers.

The desmodium is planted in between rows of your maize crop. The pull crop Napier is the crop that attracts the stalk borers to feed on it and leave maize. Due to the fact that Napier is harvested frequently for animal consumption, the maize stalk borers that had attacked the Napier are destroyed hence reducing the population. Desmodium also has the added advantage of fixing nitrogen in the soil for the benefit of your maize crop. This technology is also being researched on as it has the potential to control fall army-worm too.


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