Laikipia bets on tech to up farm yield
By Awal Mohamed 24th Feb, 2021
Farmers have also benefited from a mobile application that helps them predict weather patterns for up to 15 days.


Hold your fork! That juicy meat may be toxic
By Fredrick Obura and Paul Kang’ethe 10th May, 2021
When one consumes contaminated meat, food poisoning can occur.

The key steps in organic farming
By George Mbakaya 10th May, 2021
Organic farming relies on compost which is well decomposed as a natural fertiliser.

How many times should I change wet litter?
By Dr Watson Messo 09th May, 2021
Cool the units by hyperventilating and opening more to air inflow.

The pain of tick control
By Dr Othieno Joseph 09th May, 2021
Efforts to eradicate ticks have been futile due to their wide species and lifecycle. At the moment, tick control is the best arsenal for farmers.

Trouble brewing as locals invade Mumias Sugar land
By Brian Kisanji 07th May, 2021
After losing a case to win back 8,700 acres, some residents have now taken matters into their hands and are now farming land belonging to a miller.

Windfall as farmers get superior quality coffee
By Lydia Nyawira 06th May, 2021
According to experts and farmers, heavier rains last year led to higher production of premium grades that fetched better prices.