How to strengthen beef farming in Kenya
By Paul Kang'ethe 10th Dec, 2020
It is estimated that an individual consumes 15kgs of beef per year. The sector contributes 10 to 13 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

Keeping records: An aid to manage and make money in your farm
By Paul Kang'ethe 30th Oct, 2020
Keep records that are simple, systematic, complete and true.

Kalro training farmers in Naivasha in bid to increase productivity in poultry farming
By Paul Kang'ethe 25th Oct, 2020
Chicken play a major role representing 4 percent of agricultural contribution to GDP.

Kalro embarks on training of banana farmers to boost yields
By Paul Kang'ethe 21st Oct, 2020
The trainers are in turn expected to pass on the knowledge they have derived from the two-week program to farmers in their counties

The value of camel milk and meat
By Paul Kang'ethe 08th Oct, 2020
The camel is of significant socio-economic importance in many arid and semi-arid parts of Kenya and the world.

Factory farms and the rise of superbugs
By Paul Kang'ethe 01st Oct, 2020
People and animals eat every day. There has been an exponential increase in global population.


How to tap into lucrative avocado business
By Jennifer Anyango and Kelvin Nyakundi 14th Jan, 2022
You must get everything right from strict global standards, to quality, hygiene and traceability issues.

Make money from every avocado part
By Jennifer Anyango 14th Jan, 2022
The avocado which has been re-branded as the green gold due to its high demand can be value added into many products.

App allows firm to get quality chili for export
By Lisper Nyakio 14th Jan, 2022
Through a neat traceability system, Malindi firm exports tonnes of African eye bird chilies.

Once forgotten sweet potato is now hot cake
By Jennifer Anyango 14th Jan, 2022
Sweet potato varieties vary depending on their flesh colour, maturity time and recommended growing areas.

Black quarter: Killer disease confuses many
By Dr Joseph Othieno 14th Jan, 2022
Black Quarter is a highly fatal and acute bacterial disease that has a liking for the healthiest cows in a herd.

The A-Z of growing rich pomegranates
By Georgy Mbakaya 14th Jan, 2022
Plants propagated from seeds take longer to start flowering and fruit formation.