7 reasons your egg production is low
By Dr Watson Messo Odwako 28th Sep, 2021
Several poultry diseases are associated with egg production drops and poor eggshell quality.

10 interesting fun facts about chicken
By Dr Watson Messo Odwako 10th Dec, 2019
There is a rare breed of chicken which is completely black due to abnormal pigmentation caused by excessive melanin production.

How to control worm infestation in your layers
By Dr Watson Messo Odwako 09th Nov, 2019
My layers are slowly reducing egg production, they are becoming thin and I have started to notice bloody feacal droppings with what looked like worms.


Agriculture CS given a week to formulate plan to reduce cost of animal feed
By Jael Mboga 21st Oct, 2021
Uhuru directed Treasury to allocate Sh1 billion to the Agriculture ministry for the completion of the ongoing targeted interventions.

Farmer ditches tea for avocados
By Nathan Ochunge 19th Oct, 2021
Prices offered by tea companies were demeaning and you had to wait for a long time before getting paid.

Ideal fertiliser for fruits, vegetables
By George Mbakahya 19th Oct, 2021
Sandy soils require more frequent applications and lower amounts of nitrogen and other nutrients than do clay-type soils.

Six tips for limiting antibiotics in birds
By Dr Watson Messo 19th Oct, 2021
Immunization cannot be a substitute for poor biosecurity and sanitation.

Anaplasmosis: disease that destroys red blood cells
By Dr Othieno Joseph 18th Oct, 2021
Anaplasmosis has characteristic postmortem lesions because the disease causes the destruction of red blood cells

Lack of seeds curtail uptake of Bt cotton
By Jennifer Anyango 18th Oct, 2021
In Busia, farmers decried the delay in the supply of the Bt cotton seeds.