Tips on growing seven popular herbs for profit
By Georgy Mbakaya 21st Mar, 2021
Growing culinary herbs is easy and requires little space to start.

Struggling with poor yields? Check your soil
By Georgy Mbakaya 06th Mar, 2021
Soils are composed of mineral particles which are primarily clay, sand and silt.

Beware of fake maize seeds in the market!
By Georgy Mbakaya 28th Feb, 2021
Every genuine seed bag has a Kephis tag inside it showing that the seed has been inspected by the regulator.

Vines and wines: Art of growing healthy grapes
By Georgy Mbakaya 20th Feb, 2021
The long-term productivity and quality of your vineyard depends on the quality of the vine materials you use.

How to spray pesticide without killing the bees
By Georgy Mbakaya 09th Feb, 2021
Honey bees play a vital role in crop production because it takes more than soil, water, and sunshine to make the world green.

Want to increase avocado production? This is how
By Georgy Mbakaya 20th Dec, 2020
Mulching is undertaken to conserve moisture and to add organic matter to the soil.


Trouble brewing as locals invade Mumias Sugar land
By Brian Kisanji 07th May, 2021
After losing a case to win back 8,700 acres, some residents have now taken matters into their hands and are now farming land belonging to a miller.

Windfall as farmers get superior quality coffee
By Lydia Nyawira 06th May, 2021
According to experts and farmers, heavier rains last year led to higher production of premium grades that fetched better prices.

Crackdown starts against farmers flouting potato packaging rule
By Japheth Makau 05th May, 2021
Traders were required to adhere to the regulations on packaging from April 2 when the law was to take effect

Top cover crops to break disease cycles
By George Mbakaya 04th May, 2021
Cover crops also known as living mulches, provide nutrients to the soil as manure does.

Dairy offers potato farmers new lifeline
By Kepher Otieno 03rd May, 2021
Other than offering farmers a ready market, the dairy also gives better prices.

Youths ignore irrigation project, prefer boda bodas
By James Omoro 03rd May, 2021
Despite the potential to be income earners for thousands, only the elderly are farming.