Tree tomato:Best return on investment
By WILLIES MWANIKI 18th Feb, 2020
Farmers should embrace new agribusiness ventures that are more profitable rather than depending on traditional ways.

A farmer ditches maize ventures in onion farming
By WILLIES MWANIKI 04th Feb, 2020
Spring onions mature after four months, which helps him manage three seasons a year giving him a huge profit margin.

Rich cucumber harvest pays off for greenhouse farmer
By WILLIES MWANIKI 21st Nov, 2019
After ten weeks, she harvested the first harvest of 71 kilograms and since then she has been collecting an average of 60 to 80 kilograms weekly.

Price stability attracts more farmers to grow passion fruits
By WILLIES MWANIKI 15th Nov, 2019
Passion farming is a straightforward agribusiness venture, and it is relatively manageable.

Farmer eyes higher returns with new dairy breeds
By WILLIES MWANIKI 06th Nov, 2019
Kariuki Gikonyo’s farm rears ten improved dairy breeds in a zero-grazing system with well-constructed cattle sheds for good quality and quantity milk.

Newspaper article birthed profitable tree tomato venture
By WILLIES MWANIKI 24th Oct, 2019
The grafted tree tomato takes about ten months to produce the first harvest of the fruits.


Are you a youth? Join climate action now
By Hellen Miseda 28th Nov, 2021
The encouraging bit is that youth voices have been dominant at most environment forums.

'Forgotten' crops now hot cake
By Kauli Mwembe 28th Nov, 2021
Lemongrass is a herb that grows effortlessly in almost every homestead in the region

10 simple ways to keep flock healthy
By Dr Watson Messo 25th Nov, 2021
The poultry industry in the last 10 years has scaled the heights of rapid development and expansion, despite the high input costs.

Farmers fury over KRA move to target their earnings
By Osinde Obare 24th Nov, 2021
The agency argues that the request is in line with section 59 of the Tax Procedure Act 2015.

Government monitoring food stock as drought worsens
By Antony Gitonga 24th Nov, 2021
The government has already termed the drought that has affected more than 20 counties a national disaster

Prolonged drought kills livestock in Taita Taveta
By Renson Mnyamwezi 24th Nov, 2021
Kishagha Dio, a farmer at Kivuko area, said lions killed his three cows, escalating the existing human-wildlife conflict in the region.