Woman’s risky venture in red bulb onions finally pays-off
By EUSTANCE MAINA 19th Feb, 2020
Experts say onions perform well in well-drained and fertile soils.

How to reap big from horticultural farming
By EUSTANCE MAINA 05th Dec, 2019
Nyeri is popularly known for farming activities, especially vegetables, fruits, tea, coffee, cabbages, tomatoes, potato plants maize and beans.

How to thrive in vegetables and traditional vegetables farming
By EUSTANCE MAINA 05th Dec, 2019
Wangui Muchangi grows sukuma wiki, spinach and a couple of indigenous vegetables like black nightshade popularly referred to as managu or sucha.

How to turn semi-arid and water scarce area into a real farming hub
By EUSTANCE MAINA 08th Nov, 2019
Kajiado being a semi-arid and water-scarce area Judith opted to drill a borehole, 100 feet deep, which supplies the farm with clean sufficient water.

One student’s resolve to pay university fees through farming
By EUSTANCE MAINA 25th Oct, 2019
Mwangi who hails from Embu, grows tomatoes, bulb onions and capsicums at Ngoliba, Thika in Kiambu County. He also grows watermelon.

There is treasure in farming quarry land
By EUSTANCE MAINA 15th Oct, 2019
Sitting on twelve acres are tomatoes, French beans and chilies. At Joska, Machakos County, Samson Ng’ang’a also grows cabbages and leek onions.


How graduates got mango export deal
By Stephen Nzioka 21st Jan, 2022
Young duo are handling post harvest losses by buying mangoes from farmers drying and packaging them for export.

Kienyeji vegetables now new goldmine
By African Food Fellows 21st Jan, 2022
Growing demand for these vegetables in urban areas has seen most retailers, grocers and supermarkets increase their stock.

Tired of a mannerless dog? It can be trained into amazing pal
By Dr. Paul R. N. Kangethe 21st Jan, 2022
You want to raise him to have the right behaviour in front of other people and dogs. You don’t want him to throw tantrums for no apparent reason.

New plan to ensure potato farmers eat slice of KFC cash
By Jennifer Anyango 21st Jan, 2022
According to Munya, the Ministry of Agriculture has agreed to work together with KFC and have identified the people they want to work with.

Why animal feeds prices still rising despite duty free import offer
By Patrick Alushula 20th Jan, 2022
There is no material coming in because the government has insisted on 100 per cent GMO-free which doesn’t exist.

Herders need urgent aid to avoid a hunger crisis
By Jennifer Anyango 19th Jan, 2022
According to FAO, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia projections indicate that some 25.3 million people will be facing high acute food insecurity by mid-2022