Pastoral community turn to farming for secure livelihoods
By Lydia Limbe/FAO 23rd Oct, 2020
The group of 760 farmers were then trained on good agricultural practices, which they implemented on their 230 acres of land.

Irrigation proves dryland can produce
By Lydia Limbe/FAO 22nd Oct, 2020
The success has triggered action towards activating the second phase; to set up green houses.

School garden in Turkana changes students’ perception on farming
By Lydia Limbe/FAO 21st Oct, 2020
Turkana is hot and dry, and access to water for irrigation is a huge challenge.

Nutrition training triggers small business idea
By Lydia Limbe/FAO 20th Oct, 2020
In addition to pairing available foods in a balanced way, Josephine also learned how to preserve vegetables

Chicken rearing gives Turkana woman sense of ownership
By Lydia Limbe/FAO 19th Oct, 2020
Arukudi is an early adopter of chicken rearing, having witnessed the fast pace at which they multiply compared to goats.

Handmade hand tools help farmers cut costs
By Lydia Limbe/FAO 24th Aug, 2019
Planters and weeders among other tools farmers have fabricated


New plant to help bring down the cost of semen
By Obare Osinde 26th Jan, 2022
The recent importation of 19 additional super breed bulls will enhance semen production from 30,000 doses per month to 50,000 doses per month.

Spread risk! Never put your eggs in one basket
By Jennifer Anyango 26th Jan, 2022
Adding value to chicken especially to meat and eggs may increase its life span. The increasing value increases the convenience to consumers.

Ex soldier breaks new ground with trout fish
By Muriithi Mugo 25th Jan, 2022
Retired officer made a gamble by going for a fish that is less common in the area but the risk is paying off.

Managing chicken daily water intake
By Dr Watson Messo 24th Jan, 2022
Inferior, substandard, or improvised (basins and trays) will always result in variable performance and ultimately large financial loss.

Save our farms: Rice farmers pay the high cost of climate change
By Harold Otieno Odhiambo 24th Jan, 2022
In West Kano, farmers are yet to recover after large swathes of rice fields were washed away by water from the swelling lake Victoria.

How graduates got mango export deal
By Stephen Nzioka 21st Jan, 2022
Young duo are handling post harvest losses by buying mangoes from farmers drying and packaging them for export.