How farmers in different areas have been affected by the heavy rains
By Alex Wachira 09th Dec, 2019
Huge losses have been incurred by farmers due to the heavy flooding caused by the heavy rains.

Snail farming Training
By Alex Wachira 05th Dec, 2019
Farmers are invited to a snail farming training that will take place on December 21st at the Snail Farm, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya.

How to farm big watermelons
By Alex Wachira 29th Nov, 2019
The most popular variety in Kenya in high demand is the Sukari F1 for its early maturity, sweetness, and freshness and has bigger, heavier fruits.

Mushroom Training at Nairobi
By Alex Wachira 28th Nov, 2019
Farmers are invited to a Mushroom farming training that will take place on the 7th of December 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm at Mushroom Kenya headquarters.

Avocado SmallHolder Farmer Open day
By Alex Wachira 27th Nov, 2019
Farmers are invited to an Avocado SmallHolder Farmer Open day to be held on 6th December 2019 at Kakuzi Avocado Packhouse grounds in Makuyu.

How to add value to seeds to make oil
By Alex Wachira 27th Nov, 2019
Oil derived from seeds is believed to cure multiple body ailments saving on money spent on buying drugs and improves general body health.


New method to grow quality cane
By George Mbakaya 30th Jul, 2021
The speedlings are hardy but they need optimal conditions during transplanting to enable them achieve full potential.

Fishermen seek payout in Sh84 billion Mombasa bridge project
By Philip Mwakio 30th Jul, 2021
The construction of 1.4km bridge was expected to start in June but it was delayed because the government had not identified the firm.

Women coffee farmers trained on value addition
By Jael Mboga 29th Jul, 2021
Poor handling of the coffee hurts its taste, weight, smell, and acidity, all of which determine its quality and price.

Destitute Mumias Sugar workers hang on to hope
By Robert Amalemba 29th Jul, 2021
3,000 sent home after the miller stopped operation still living in the company’s houses

What does the military got to do with meat? CDF Kibochi explains
By Jael Mboga 29th Jul, 2021
Gen Kibochi said the military is part of society and should be utilised to support the people it is expected to defend.

Uganda officials dragnets kill dreams of fishermen
By Harold Odhiambo 29th Jul, 2021
Although the island is located in Kenya, its fishermen have to pay Ugandan authorities Sh8,000 every month for each fishing boat.