Vihiga's new plan to boost vegetable production
By Maureen Akinyi 29th Mar, 2021
According to nutritionists, sukuma wiki, an exotic vegetable that was brought to Kenya as cattle feed, has little nutritive value.

African cattle are not an inferior breed - scientists
By Maureen Akinyi 21st Feb, 2021
In some regions of Africa, animals cope better with diseases such as foot and mouth disease and the Rift Valley fever.

Young agripreneurs bet on networking to beat Covid shocks
By Maureen Akinyi 20th Feb, 2021
The impacts of the pandemic seemed to hit female entrepreneurs particularly hard

AGRA financing model sees 230,000 farmers access loans
By Maureen Akinyi 23rd Jan, 2021
First, they lack collateral or securities, the farming business model is too unpredictable and the individual farmers’ portfolios are too tiny.

But why are loans still expensive and elusive?
By Maureen Akinyi 18th Jul, 2020
Through the Kenya Youth in Agribusiness Strategy, the State seeks to address all barriers that hinder youth from thriving in agriculture.

Food security project ignites hope in farmers
By Maureen Akinyi 11th May, 2020
Like other concerned farmers, Sophia Nyaloo, rarely misses the daily coronavirus updates from the Ministry of Health.


How many times should I change wet litter?
By Dr Watson Messo 09th May, 2021
Cool the units by hyperventilating and opening more to air inflow.

The pain of tick control
By Dr Othieno Joseph 09th May, 2021
Efforts to eradicate ticks have been futile due to their wide species and lifecycle. At the moment, tick control is the best arsenal for farmers.

Trouble brewing as locals invade Mumias Sugar land
By Brian Kisanji 07th May, 2021
After losing a case to win back 8,700 acres, some residents have now taken matters into their hands and are now farming land belonging to a miller.

Windfall as farmers get superior quality coffee
By Lydia Nyawira 06th May, 2021
According to experts and farmers, heavier rains last year led to higher production of premium grades that fetched better prices.

Crackdown starts against farmers flouting potato packaging rule
By Japheth Makau 05th May, 2021
Traders were required to adhere to the regulations on packaging from April 2 when the law was to take effect

Top cover crops to break disease cycles
By George Mbakaya 04th May, 2021
Cover crops also known as living mulches, provide nutrients to the soil as manure does.