Disease that targets broilers in highlands
By Dr Watson Messo 25th Jul, 2021
Low temperatures in the flock units as frequently seen during cold weather will increase oxygen demand to keep the birds warm

Six ways to boost brooding during cold
By Dr Watson Messo 18th Jul, 2021
Continuous lighting should be provided for the first three days for the birds to locate feed and water.

Fowl typhoid: Why you must give birds a jab
By Dr Watson Messo 11th Jul, 2021
Vaccination is the better option of controlling fowl typhoid.

Quick ways to manage pecking in your layers
By Dr Watson Messo 08th Jul, 2021
Poorly ventilated units are a precursor to pecking and prolapse among laying flocks housed in congested and small units.

One chicken and six ways to slice profits from it
By Dr Watson Messo 01st Jul, 2021
The bones, together with meat trimmings, feet, heads and blood can all be minced together and sold as pet food.

How to control flea infestation
By Dr Watson Messo 28th Jun, 2021
The adult flea lives on the soil and is very difficult to see them but very easy to kill using the right disinfectant or insecticide


Senegalese plant circular gardens in Green Wall defence against desert
By Thomson Reuters Foundation 02nd Aug, 2021
The project aims to create hundreds of circular gardens that organisers hope will boost food security and reduce regional desertification

How dairy keeping turned to be my best retirement plan
By Kevine Omollo 02nd Aug, 2021
Other expenses include Sh6,000 monthly for the farm helper and Sh150 per week on pesticide spray.

Team wants fishermen in Lake Naivasha reduced
By Antony Gitonga 02nd Aug, 2021
The number of fishermen at Lake Naivasha needs to be reduced to make fishing sustainable.

I left my accountant job to grow cassava
By Marion Kithi 02nd Aug, 2021
Despite the challenges, the farmer has several plans among them, to own his own cassava processing plant.

Kenya on the path to growing GM cassava
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 02nd Aug, 2021
Dr Taracha explains that there are two major diseases that are a challenge to cassava production.

Cassava diseases to watch out for
By George Mbakaya 02nd Aug, 2021
Regular inspection of plants on a farm is necessary if effective disease control is to be achieved.