Some strategies to help you minimize expenditure on feeds
By Dr. Othieno Joseph 17th Oct, 2021
Good records will help you to establish the feed intake required for optimal production.

How rinderpest was eradicated
By Dr. Othieno Joseph 01st Jul, 2021
Rinderpest was eradicated through concerted mass vaccinations of animals

Yes, too much grains are poisonous to your cattle
By Dr. Othieno Joseph 17th Oct, 2020
The acidity causes injury to the stomach lining, interfering with digestion.

Diet problems that push your cows to eat cypress tree barks
By Dr. Othieno Joseph 05th Sep, 2020
Boredom can come in when cattle are kept within small confinements that deny them space to jump around and when the said trees are in their vicinity.

Why Dorper sheep is the darling of ranchers
By Dr. Othieno Joseph 29th Aug, 2020
The sheep requires very minimal labour in the field, as all it does is to graze.

Why AI could fail even after several attempts
By Dr. Othieno Joseph 15th Feb, 2020
These diseases include Brucellosis, Trichomoniasis, Leptospirosis, Bovine Viral Diarrhoea etc.


Miraa to be removed from hard drugs list – Matiang’i
By Winfrey Owino 27th Oct, 2021
Other countries have also shown interest in opening up their markets for the product.

Why the galla goat is gaining popularity in asal counties
By Dr Othieno Joseph 25th Oct, 2021
Galla goats have good growth rates even in harsh drought conditions.

To milk millions, you need right numbers
By Gardy Chacha 25th Oct, 2021
Dairy farming is intensive and hands-on, says Gathii.

Pig farmers form group to reap benefits of economies of scale
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 25th Oct, 2021
Farmers have been trained on pig business models, pests and diseases of pigs and their control

FAO to train farmers on KIAMIS digital platform
By Faith Kutere 25th Oct, 2021
KIAMIS once handed over to the government will enable the registration of farmers into a comprehensive central farmer registry

From supply to demand: changing the approach in africa’s food economy
By Peter Theuri 25th Oct, 2021
Most of the agriculture that happens in the continent is dependent on rainfall which is not very reliable.