'I pay my bills from selling rabbit urine'
By Daniel Chege 04th Apr, 2021
At first, farmer only reared rabbits for sale but when he noticed the increase in yields on his vegetable farm after using rabbit urine as fertiliser,

Graduate triumphs over ill health to steer farm
By Daniel Chege 06th Jun, 2020
Though battling crippling disease, young farmer manages a tomato and beans farm on two acres she got from her father

Union in court to save 970 farm jobs
By Daniel Chege 17th Jan, 2021
The Kenya Export Floriculture, Horticulture and Allied Workers Union has sued Vegpro Company Limited.

My highs and lows making avocado oil
By Daniel Chege 21st Dec, 2020
For oil making, he says it is a painstaking process that needs patience.

State opposes Sh1.7b suit by pyrethrum sacco
By Daniel Chege 05th Nov, 2020
State lawyer Victor Ondieki, told Judge Teresia Matheka the suit was time-barred and would waste court's time.

How I make livestock feed, oil from avocados
By Daniel Chege 12th Sep, 2020
The process of making the animal feeds takes about four days.


How ex-banker is making killing from ornamental birds
By Muriithi Mugo 12th May, 2021
Peter Musyoka stopped working at a bank and took up ornamental bird rearing which cost Sh60,000 each.

New banana export market excites farmers
By Stanley Ongwae 12th May, 2021
Banana farmers from Nyamira and Kisii counties look forward to reaping profits from new export market

Pesticides residue problem must be tackled head on
By Peter Muiruri 12th May, 2021
The key destinations taking over 60 per cent of Kenyan products are European Union and the United Kingdom

Lessons from organic farmers who dared to dream big
By Peter Muiruri 12th May, 2021
The global market for organic food is estimated to be worth $100 billion.

I made my first million shillings from pigs
By Jayne Rose Gacheri 12th May, 2021
Pigs are easy to manage because they are less susceptible to diseases

Macadamia farmers count losses as prices drop
By Lydiah Nyawira 11th May, 2021
Ngige has now left his macadamia trees unattended after the prices dropped to Sh19 per kilo.