How sorghum farming is changing lives
By Standard Reporter 12th Jul, 2022
KBL isn’t allowed to import sorghum thus with the understanding between the company and the government they source the raw material locally hence offering a price to the farmer.

EU Commission to cut pesticides by half in 2030
By Standard Reporter 23rd Jun, 2022
In recent years, there’s been an alarming drop in bee populations, which has stoked fears of an ensuing impact on crop production.

How to grow finest onions in the market
By Standard Reporter 14th Jun, 2022
When growing onions commercially in an area where downy mildew was an annual event, it is advisable to carry out preventative spraying.

The abc of garlic farming
By Standard Reporter 14th Jun, 2022
There are three main varieties of garlic namely: elephant garlic, soft neck garlic, and hardneck garlic.

Digital farmer excels in tree tomato project
By Standard Reporter 14th Jun, 2022
According to Kiruthi, tree tomato farming is not a venture for the fainthearted; it is labour intensive and requires careful monitoring if one expects to reap quality fruits.

How to thrive in vegetables and traditional vegetables farming
By Standard Reporter 14th Jun, 2022
Traditional vegetables take a relatively short period of time to mature for harvest after planting.


Women hit more by climate risk than men
By The Conversation 12th Aug, 2022
Cultural norms and gendered discrimination in entrepreneurship influence the sectors and businesses women tend to work.

Your cows and chicks are freezing keep them warm
By Rosa Agutu 10th Aug, 2022
Farm Kenya resident veterinarian Dr Paul Kang’ethe says the cold weather is a huge challenge to animals especially the young ones.

Farmers' lobby proposes measures to fix animal feed crisis
By Peter Theuri 09th Aug, 2022
A tough stance by the government on importation of non-genetically modified maize worsened the feed problem in the past few months.

Why your dog is barking and how to stop it
By Dr Paul Kang’ethe 09th Aug, 2022
Dogs communicate through barking, howling, whining and more. However, excessive barking is considered a behaviour problem.

Mastitis: How to prevent Disease that cuts milk production
By Dr Joseph Othieno 09th Aug, 2022
Most of the mastitis causing pathogens originates from the environment within which the cow stays.

My friends persuaded me to start rabbit meat restaurant
By Silas Nyamweya 08th Aug, 2022
Rabbit is high in calcium and phosphorus, as well as a good source of vitamin B12 and niacin.