Modern market to benefit traders
By Edwin Nyarangi 02nd Mar, 2021
The market, which is situated along the Kisii-Kisumu Road, serves thousands of people

Key lessons from 40 years of growing crop
By Edwin Nyarangi 01st Mar, 2021
Nyambane says bean farming has enabled him to educate his children with some already employed

Why Kisii Agricultural Training Centre is the go-to centre for advice on dairy farming
By Edwin Nyarangi 14th Feb, 2021
For them being experts in animal production, Mrs Ombuna says their dairy cows rarely fall sick.

No looking back for engineering graduate turned avocado farmer
By Edwin Nyarangi 20th Dec, 2020
He started off with 300 avocado trees which matured in two years. From the avocado, he has been earning about Sh500,000 annually.

Leaders tussle over Sh10 billion sugar project
By Edwin Nyarangi 08th Sep, 2020
Locals supported construction of miller in Nyangweta Forest back in 2018, but no work has started.


Macadamia farmers count losses as prices drop
By Lydiah Nyawira 11th May, 2021
Ngige has now left his macadamia trees unattended after the prices dropped to Sh19 per kilo.

Refugees to benefit from groundnut project
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 11th May, 2021
The first seed trials conducted in partnership with Egerton University in early 2020 revealed that Turkana is excellent for groundnut production

Hold your fork! That juicy meat may be toxic
By Fredrick Obura and Paul Kang’ethe 10th May, 2021
When one consumes contaminated meat, food poisoning can occur.

The key steps in organic farming
By George Mbakaya 10th May, 2021
Organic farming relies on compost which is well decomposed as a natural fertiliser.

How many times should I change wet litter?
By Dr Watson Messo 09th May, 2021
Cool the units by hyperventilating and opening more to air inflow.

The pain of tick control
By Dr Othieno Joseph 09th May, 2021
Efforts to eradicate ticks have been futile due to their wide species and lifecycle. At the moment, tick control is the best arsenal for farmers.