Fish traders decry low catch
By James Omoro 06th Apr, 2021
Fishermen who apply illegal fishing methods are partly to blame for the decline of the fish population in the lake.

300 Homa Bay farmers trained on horticulture farming
By James Omoro 23rd Nov, 2020
In case of crop diseases, the organisation’s agricultural extension officers intervene in their aid.

Homa Bay farmers get 3.5 tonnes of rice seeds
By James Omoro 16th Oct, 2020
State distributed rice seeds to farmers affected by floods and hailstones

Homa Bay farmers given free pesticides
By James Omoro 04th Oct, 2020
Wanga and Rivatex General Manager Patrick Nyaga presided over the distribution of 26,000 litres of pesticides to 3,000 farmers.

3,000 Homa Bay cotton farmers get free pesticide and seed
By James Omoro 02nd Oct, 2020
The distribution came after the farmers received cotton seeds free of charge in April.

3,000 Homa Bay cassava farmers to get free extension services
By James Omoro 28th Sep, 2020
Self Help Africa has started the project to empower the farmers with knowledge on how to grow the crop.


Women group turns fortunes with yoghurt-making venture
By Paul Mbugua 18th Apr, 2021
Many were the days they had to pour the surplus milk from members.

Ex-governor finds purpose in dairy
By James Munyeki 18th Apr, 2021
At the two-acre farm, the governor keeps dairy cows and also grows macadamia, mangoes, pineapples, arrow roots and sweet potatoes.

White gold: Is camel milk the next big thing?
By Gardy Chacha 17th Apr, 2021
Demand for camel milk is driven by the notion that it is healthier than cow milk.

FarmKenya value chain series: The crop protection edition
By Smart Harvest 13th Apr, 2021
Over the years crop protection in Sub-Saharan Africa has faced a number of challenges mainly climate change influences such as pest and diseases.

Tea farmers defy court order, proceed to elect new office holders
By Standard Team 12th Apr, 2021
In Kirinyaga, directors have vowed to stay put since they have followed the president’s directive, which required them to hold elections.

Poorly run hatcheries lead to rise in Fowl pox disease
By Dr Watson Messo 12th Apr, 2021
In the past 10 years, the poultry industry in Kenya has experienced a boom in small incubators with massive production of ‘kienyeji chicks’