Spilt milk: Farms get smart to remain afloat
By Lydiah Nyawira 27th Jun, 2020
Unable to sustain their animals, some farmers have been forced to reduce their herds into manageable sizes as cost of feeds keeps changing.

Farmers keep century-old cheese factory story alive
By Lydiah Nyawira 23rd May, 2020
Locals have been passing the art of making cheddar from one generation to the other after acquiring facility and skills from European settlers.

Drop in onion imports from Tanzania spells fortune for farmers
By Lydiah Nyawira 23rd May, 2020
Onions, which are usually harvested between May and November, have been affected by border restrictions with Tanzania.

How I grew my seedlings business plant by plant
By Lydiah Nyawira 09th May, 2020
The onset of heavy rains and planting season has seen a number of farmers seeking quality seedlings.

To plant or to wait? Mixed bag for farmers as heavy rains fall
By Lydiah Nyawira 25th Apr, 2020
Farmers are currently facing the dilemma of whether or not to plant as heavy rains fall earlier than expected.

Fish farmers make Sh2.7 million in six months
By Lydiah Nyawira 31st Mar, 2020
Nyeri fish farmers’ fortunes turn as production increases


Mistakes to avoid in making compost
By George Mbakaya 21st Jun, 2021
Compost needs oxygen to generate heat, and without enough heat, the decomposition process slows to a halt.

From an accountant to mushroom farmer
By Daniel Chege 21st Jun, 2021
According to Ndagi, the plant only works well in virgin soil- not been used for long and with no chemicals.

Ndengu farmers see hope in getting cash crop status
By Philip Muasya 21st Jun, 2021
The Bill, which was recently passed by the Senate and forwarded to the National Assembly seeks to mainstream ndengu

Women as frontline agents in climate action
By Hellen Miseda 21st Jun, 2021
women are more vulnerable to climate change because they are proportionally more dependent on threatened natural resources

When nasal discharge is a sign of disease
By Dr Othieno Joseph 15th Jun, 2021
Lungworms can cause excessive nasal discharge. Signs in infected animals show shallow breathing

Why your nine-month-old chicken are yet to start laying eggs
By Dr Watson Messo 15th Jun, 2021
The birds which are laying must be sexually mature and have attained the correct body weight and size for egg production