What you need to export bananas and broccoli to South Korea
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 17th May, 2021
Broccoli and banana farmers are now looking at expanded markets, including South Korea

Refugees to benefit from groundnut project
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 11th May, 2021
The first seed trials conducted in partnership with Egerton University in early 2020 revealed that Turkana is excellent for groundnut production

Why engineer left posh career to rear rabbits
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 15th Jun, 2020
Breeder chose to focus on keeping rabbits after he saw how a neighbour made money from it

MP Sankok: How I grow fat profits from keeping pigs
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 16th May, 2020
For MP, what started as a trial and error is now a thriving venture within a year

My huge gamble with rabbits is paying off
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 21st Mar, 2020
Kenyan in Diaspora has mastered the art of telephone farming

Teething issues that almost sunk dairy into oblivion
By Nanjinia Wamuswa 02nd Apr, 2021
Mwaniki says with time, the prices picked up well and more farmers started returning to the company.


When nasal discharge is a sign of disease
By Dr Othieno Joseph 15th Jun, 2021
Lungworms can cause excessive nasal discharge. Signs in infected animals show shallow breathing

Why your nine-month-old chicken are yet to start laying eggs
By Dr Watson Messo 15th Jun, 2021
The birds which are laying must be sexually mature and have attained the correct body weight and size for egg production

Secrets for bumper tomato harvest
By George Mbakaya 15th Jun, 2021
Tomato plants produce suckers, extra branches that grow out between the main stem and tomato branches

Mechanisation helps farmers reduce losses
By Mactilda Mbenywe 15th Jun, 2021
The machine has been developed over time with technicians taking three months to make it suitable for the terrain in the region.

2021/22 Budget: Sh60 billion boost for food security, nutrition
By Jael Mboga 10th Jun, 2021
In the past two decades, Kenya’s position as a regional hub in global trade has led to diversification

State and NGO to exploit fishing at Lake Turkana
By Antony Gitonga 10th Jun, 2021
Lake Turkana has a potential of 35,000 metric tonnes but only five metric tonnes are achieved every year