Cyclist mints money from poultry farming
By John Shilitsa 25th Apr, 2020
Amurono rears chicken, which he crossbreeds locally to enhance production and plans to embark on hatching chicks for sale

How we beat the high cost of farming chicken
By John Shilitsa 18th Apr, 2020

My poultry is ready but who do I sell to?
By John Shilitsa 11th Apr, 2020
With hotels closed, Inzofu is now forced him to slaughter the chicken and store the meat in fridges, hoping normalcy returns soon.

How cancer fear pushed family into bee keeping
By John Shilitsa 11th Apr, 2020
Mwanzo wanted to protect his family from consuming sugar laced with mercury that had reportedly infiltrated the local market.

There is no such thing as short cuts in rearing birds
By John Shilitsa 04th Apr, 2020
Besides timely vaccination, she de-worms the birds as recommended and adheres to high standards of hygiene on the farm.

How I rear chicken, turkey in one space
By John Shilitsa 28th Mar, 2020
Though his farm is modest in size, he has ensured that all the birds have enough room to forage, rest and live without feeling cramped for space.


Upcoming high-level summit to discuss milestones on food fortification
By Hellen Miseda 24th Jun, 2021
The European Union has funded Kenya’s efforts to fortify staple foods and improve the health and nutritional status of the poor

Women group multiply profits from cassava snacks
By Kevine Omollo 23rd Jun, 2021
Atieno, is a member of an informal table banking group, together with 20 other women from the village.

Mistakes to avoid in making compost
By George Mbakaya 21st Jun, 2021
Compost needs oxygen to generate heat, and without enough heat, the decomposition process slows to a halt.

From an accountant to mushroom farmer
By Daniel Chege 21st Jun, 2021
According to Ndagi, the plant only works well in virgin soil- not been used for long and with no chemicals.

Ndengu farmers see hope in getting cash crop status
By Philip Muasya 21st Jun, 2021
The Bill, which was recently passed by the Senate and forwarded to the National Assembly seeks to mainstream ndengu

Women as frontline agents in climate action
By Hellen Miseda 21st Jun, 2021
women are more vulnerable to climate change because they are proportionally more dependent on threatened natural resources