The pain of tick control
By Dr Othieno Joseph 09th May, 2021
Efforts to eradicate ticks have been futile due to their wide species and lifecycle. At the moment, tick control is the best arsenal for farmers.

Yes, you can treat milk fever in your livestock
By Dr Othieno Joseph 02nd Apr, 2021
Cows that suffer from calcium deficiency are also more susceptible to other reproductive diseases and conditions like mastitis

Tired of tsetse flies? Try these solutions
By Dr Othieno Joseph 29th Mar, 2021
Since Kenya is yet to attain the eradicated status, there are other options that can be applied in tsetse areas.

Deadly disease that affects pregnant cows
By Dr Othieno Joseph 20th Mar, 2021
The subsequent loss of muscle activity lowers the success rate of this operation.

What to do when goat plague hits your farm
By Dr Othieno Joseph 14th Mar, 2021
PPR is a highly contagious (easily spread through a herd) viral disease of domestic and wild ruminants

Emergency medical condition that targets pregnant and aged cows
By Dr Othieno Joseph 28th Feb, 2021
Vaginal and uterine prolapses are common conditions that can be treated and prevented.


I overcame market stress to build poultry business
By Erastus Mulwa 14th May, 2021
Machakos woman rears chicken for commercial purposes after quitting maize farming

How ex-banker is making killing from ornamental birds
By Muriithi Mugo 12th May, 2021
Peter Musyoka stopped working at a bank and took up ornamental bird rearing which cost Sh60,000 each.

New banana export market excites farmers
By Stanley Ongwae 12th May, 2021
Banana farmers from Nyamira and Kisii counties look forward to reaping profits from new export market

Pesticides residue problem must be tackled head on
By Peter Muiruri 12th May, 2021
The key destinations taking over 60 per cent of Kenyan products are European Union and the United Kingdom

Lessons from organic farmers who dared to dream big
By Peter Muiruri 12th May, 2021
The global market for organic food is estimated to be worth $100 billion.

I made my first million shillings from pigs
By Jayne Rose Gacheri 12th May, 2021
Pigs are easy to manage because they are less susceptible to diseases